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7 Best Prank Dial Alternatives

by Nathan Zachary
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After the evolution of technology, the regular prank calls have taken a backseat, as in the world where apps like truecaller are available, tracing any unknown number is not a difficult task. So that is when the prank dial app is helpful for modern mobile phones users as these apps come with various features that will help in providing an ease while prank calling a friend or a loved ones. 

There are many prank calling apps available for creating such spoofs with various features, then it will be tricky to find the top prank dial apps as per your need. So, in this article, you will delve into the seven best prank dial alternatives which can help in performing pranks on your friends or loved ones without them knowing about it.

Seven Best Alternatives to Prank Dial Friends or Family Members.

These are the top seven alternatives to prank dial family members and friends in a funny manner;

1) Prank Dial – Prank Call App

It is one of the leading prank dial apps, which is quite well-known in comparison to the other apps. Prank dial app has a record of sending over 200 million prank calls and is constantly creating laughter riots amongst people. 

Moreover, this spoof making app is user-friendly as you can set up a prank with the help of various features. You can choose from the various categories like technology, anger, celebrations, and many more to ensure your friend does not recognize that you are pranking on them.

2) Prank Caller 

In this prank dial alternative, you can have an option to do a prank with multiple scenarios and access the phone call and listen to the reaction for an amusing experience. The jokes can be created by hilarious plans to make them furious, but they will be unaware that it is a prank until you tell them.

Moreover, the app offers various features like setting the person’s picture while the call is scheduled, the time on which you need the person to receive the ring, and the app also has the quality to manage multiple calls at a time. 

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3) Voicer Famous AI voice Changer

In this app, you can prank your friend or any other by picking a celebrity’s voice, to make sure that they will never get it’s you. Moreover, the famous voice memo and app user can change as funny pranks that users can do for the giggles around the place.

The app also comes with scary and cartoon voices; you can make fantastic avatars of famous celebrities. Moreover, you can also use this avatar for the posts, hence the app comes with multiple uses for the convenience of the users.

4)  Fake call : Prank call app

It is a fun prank dial app that will help the user to provoke a fake call on an upcoming call to prank a friend or a relative whomsoever you desire. In this app, the person doing the prank can set a caller name, choose the character and easily record the voice, choose the number, and then you are ready to create a spoof.  

After all the stages of setting the prank call, you can select the free calling app and choose the prank-calling time as per your choice for doing the prank.

5) Crack & Break it

If cracking the glass is your favorite time pass and the people around you know that for a fact, then here is the best prank dial alternative available for you, which is probably available in four categories: Image breaker, Glass blocks, light bulbs, and fluorescent lights. 

Choose from them and send them to your friends to give them a prank that your mobile screen is broken or anything else in the house. It will be pretty amusing to see your friend’s fearful reaction. 

6) Prank Calling App Simulator

This prank-calling app alternative will help you to recover from difficult situations by showing people that someone is calling you or a famous celebrity wants to talk to you urgently. It is a very easy-to-use prank dial app as you need to just open the app; then, you can apply various themes whichever you find proper and then prank your friend as per your desire. 

Moreover, this app has a voice recorder for you to record the five, ten, and fifteen seconds whatever time you choose to prank the person.

7) JokesPhone – Hilarious Calls

It is one of the most popular prank-calling apps where you can choose to joke around with your best friend for two minutes. JokesPhone is a straightforward app to make a prank on a person that you know and select the scenario that you want to create. 

This app is currently available in over forty countries for the user’s convenience. It has already reached the top 5 positions in the number of downloads. Moreover, it provides the users with one free prank at the time of download, and then unlimited prank calls are offered when you install and login to the app.


If you are a naughty person who loves prank calls but still struggling to find an appropriate app, then this list of prank dial apps will help you find the best solution for creating spoofs for your friends or loved ones. These prank dial alternatives will help your number be anonymous and will avail various other features. 

Besides, if you are an app owner struggling to have a platform where you can promote your app, then sponsor your app to have an opportunity of enhancing the users by making them know about the app. 

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