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Pre-rolled cone and rolling paper industry – A Brief History

by Nathan Zachary

While the cannabis laws are dwelling deep into everyone’s roots, there are things every user might know. Having said that, the legalization has rolled out throughout Canada, the United States, and other countries. The upsurge of cannabis brands and rolling paper establishments have hit the market pretty well. Besides, even the consumers have accepted the new buzz well. Now, everybody wishes to get their papers conveniently. And that implies more products like seeds and flowers taking over the market. This was entirely different during the early 90s and the early 2000s. 

Usually, you might have to get to your nearby gas station or a convenience setup to buy them. However, worst of all, there was almost no variation. Speaking of which, it led to the invention of rolling paper, which dates way back to the early 16th century. When it comes to rolling papers, they were designed to maintain and sustain the taste of cannabis buds. Moreover, the focus of such early paper booklets was intended to make the paper a bit similar to cigarette rolling paper, making it close to traditional tobacco smokers. 

Zig-Zag Rolling Paper Dispenser in the Early 1900s

This conveyed that brands like Zig Zag and EZ Wider were all over the place in retail regions, though the paper standard did not leave a fulfilling aroma or enable the cannabis flavor to get through. On the other hand, several brands, such as Raw and Shine, were launched to integrate ultra-fine paper quality from Spain and France during this time. Such brands also offered an apparent joint experience, as they burned slowly without adding additives. 

These brand-new booklets tailored for cannabis also began trending other than custom branding. The list comprises filter tips, adding custom designs, magnetic closures on the inside, and making display boxes for them. These display boxes are fundamental in all retail locations and dispensaries, making them quickly administered by traditional consumers.

If you look into specific options when visiting budtenders in dispensaries, from shatter to edibles, one form of cannabis is compatible: flowers or seeds. Besides, you can look at it. Then select amongst some of your favorite custom papers or hemp pre rolls. 

Classic Rizla rolling papers from 1881.

While Rizla has dominated in the European area, it couldn’t maintain its hold on the whole market. Fortunately, in its native France, it started observing competition from OCB and JOB, who witnessed the accomplishments Rizla was experiencing and started to produce world-class rolling papers. Organizations like JOB also began to experience stiff competition from countries like Spain as producers of rolling papers. 

When it comes to paper thickness, it was one of the features that brands such as Rizla improved on. They did that by producing ultra-thin paper. 

Devambez Watermark in Rolling Paper

In addition, the Spanish and French branded rolling papers are watermarked, giving them a unique look to avoid counterfeiters. Because of their refined process of producing a commodity, the Spanish and French papers are the most significant quality rolling paper, as their alleviated porosity still makes them. 

While more brands began to produce new machines for automated paper booklets, the cost of every rolling booklet started to ease steadily. Moreover, all such brands were produced for tobacco; they started to use it for cannabis consumption, becoming one of the iconic symbols of the entire culture. Moreover, the US also started to see its names arrive, with E-Z Wider penetrating the industry specifically for cannabis. When it comes to pop culture, papers like Bambu began infiltrating the mainstream industry with movies, such as Chong’s Up in Smoke and Cheech. 

Zig Zag Papers inspired Dre’s art.

Among many more culture specimens, these made rolling papers and pot smoking make them more famous amongst the youth. Nowadays, in case you ever start watching a show or movie, there is a moment of relief when the actor tends to roll a joint. 

On the other hand, Snoop Dogg rolling Paper and Dr. Dre’s song Up In the Smoke have created quite a stir. Having said that, in the modern era, new names like Raw and Elements, led by Josh, started introducing themselves into the industry with a modern look. 

Headshop with an array of rolling papers

For some time, there might have been no innovation in rolling papers during the modern era. Apart from changing colors, not a single individual thought outside the box. But, within the past half a decade, many brands have been pushing the booklet much further.

Final Words

You should observe the history of rolling paper cones if you wish to understand what drives the market. Moreover, if you are interested, you can even shop pre rolls here around your area. However, you might have to consider a few factors before you do that. 

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