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Here are the best tips on how to become a professional blogger

by Nathan Zachary
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Since so many of you have been asking how I manage to travel to all these countries and live the life I am living, I thought it’s about time to write down my thoughts about becoming a professional travel blogger

I have just arrived in Bologna, Italy after spending five days in Rotterdamfor the Travel Bloggers Unite conference (TBU). Here, over 200 bloggers and industry representatives gathered to discuss issues and topics surrounding the industry and the influence of travel blogging. I will be here in Bologna for another two days before flying to Oslo, Norway for a quick 24 hours consultation gig with their tourism department. After this I fly back down to France for a nine-day road trip through the country’s wine region.

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You need a solid base to build your success!

Travel blogging in my opinion is one of the hardest niches in blogging. Since you are constantly on the move, creating captivating content that your readers want to read is hard. Not everybody can write in a moving bus or a tight seat in economy class.

Also when you travel you have no time to maintain your blog a lot. You just hope that nobody will hack it, the database will work and no plugins screw up your work after an update of WordPress.

This is why you need a web host that is reliable and knows exactly what you do.

Not only their hosting is super affordable (starting at just 3.95 $) but it’s a great place to start out with your travel blog!

You are the blog and the blog is you!

If you really want to be successful in what you do, you need to create a brand around you and your blog – The blog and you need to become one individual!

On the path has quickly become one of the leading travel blogs around the world and the leading adventure travel blog in Germany! It was a lot of work and I never stop talking about work.

Once you start making money your income isn’t steady!

Some months you make more money than you need and other months you have to see how to pay your rent, hostel or food… After two years of blogging I’ve never had a few consecutive months where I knew how much money I would make.

Last month I made about 1000 €, this month I’m making 5,000 € until now though I have nothing for next two months… it looks scary!. There is a many blogger site.

Again, your life becomes your job…

Remember that I said that you will work 24/7… remember those times when you travelled somewhere and really, really enjoyed the moment?

This is becoming harder and harder the longer you are a professional blogger! I needed to force myself to enjoy the moment. All I was thinking is: “Perfect light, let’s try to capture this!”

For the first time in 4 years I took a vacation in February this year… I scheduled all the posts on Facebook, Twitter and on my Blog and just went offline for a week! It was really hard but I needed it!

Starting a travel business has never been that easy (and that cheap)!

Wifi is your lifeblood

Have you ever been around a few li bloggers? The first thing they will ask when entering a new place (and I swear to god its true) is: “Do you have Wifi?”

Your restaurant decisions will be made according to the Wifi availability. Also you might decide to skip a place due to the lack of internet… Because “No Internet=No Work, No Work=No Money!”

You make friends from around the world!

I think by now I have a couch to crash in each country around the world. As a traveller and travel blogger you will make friends from all over the world and you will meet other awesome travel bloggers at conferences like TBEX.

I’m very happy that I can call some travel bloggers as some of my closest friends. They are as crazy as I am and have the same interests!

But without you, I would be nothing!

I love this life and I love my job (Blogger/Consultant) but I can only do this because of you. Because you visit my site every few days and check out my latest posts, because you want to be inspired about places you want to go, because you send me all these great emails and leave these awesome comments in the posts.

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