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What to Play On Your New Gaming Computer Tower

by Nathan Zachary

After purchasing your gaming computer tower, monitor, and putting together your battlestation, you’re probably looking for the perfect game to test your computer’s capabilities and discover an entirely new world. Here are some of the best PC games of 2022. But first, you need the right PC to handle any game.

How to Pick the Right Gaming Computer Tower Gaming PCs come in an abundance of styles and with a variety of components. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

● Front panel and rear panel connectivity – Does the front and back panel have enough ports for connecting everything you need? Think controllers, headsets, external storage, ethernet connection, monitors… ● Cooling and airflow – The more powerful the PC’s hardware, the more important proper cooling becomes. Look for liquid coolers like the CLX Horus Gaming PC has to ensure your PC components are sufficiently cool while you game. ● Aesthetics – Do you like desktops with transparent side panels? Do you like front panel lighting? Some PCs have certain shapes, sizes, and styles that will appeal to you more. ● CPU – Make sure it’s the latest Intel Core Processor. ● RAM – Ensure it’s at least 16GB. ● Storage – Check for an SSD.

Ghostwire: Tokyo This pretty big open world game has you exploring the vibrant yet eerie Japanese city as you try to figure out why residents have been disappearing, allowing spirits to take over. The combat revolves around elemental karate, giving the game a unique feel.

Elden Ring A super challenging game, Elden Ring is another open world game with lethal boss fights and a dark, mysterious environment. So is it as hard as everyone says? Yes and no. Elden Ring isn’t mechanically difficult but it’s a game that definitely requires full concentration. That’s why you’ll want the best gaming computer tower for full immersion.

Ninoh 2 This RPG is a sequel to the 2017 game set in early-modern Japan. You’re a half-spirit, half-human that encounters historical figures from the Sengoku Era in this prequel. It’s often compared to Dark Souls when it comes to its challenging gameplay and explosive combat. Take the form of defeated foes and take on one of the most challenging PC games of 2022.

Horizon Zero Dawn This is a unique open world game that blends technology with ancient civilization. It takes place in the US after an apocalyptic event, leaving tribes to protect themselves against robotic creatures. You fight with spears, bows, and slings, making the combat unique and satisfying.

Persona 4: Golden This is an expanded edition of the 2008 JRPG, finally bringing the PlayStation classic to the PC. You are a high school student fighting enemies from an alternate dimension, using personas as your weapon. Between combat, you can level up your stats, find new personas, and spend time with other characters.

Stray Set in an apocalyptic neon city occupied by sad robots, this game has you playing as a stray cat exploring a lonely world. While the main storyline has you solving puzzles to find your family, the beauty of Stray is in the details. You can scratch couches, take cat naps, rub on people’s legs, and even get a paper bag stuck on your head.

If you want to play any of these exciting PC games, you first need the right gaming computer tower. CLX has a collection of PC towers that range in price, capabilities, and style. But all of them are made with gamers in mind. These PCs have the right components to properly run any game, whether it’s a competitive shooter or an immersive RPG.

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