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Front, Middle, and Rear Engines in Sports Cars – Pros and Cons to Know

by Nathan Zachary
Pros and Cons of Front, Middle, and Rear Engines in Sports Cars

Performance vehicles are always on top of the list when you speak about speed, thrill, and class. Everyone seeks performance and thrill behind the wheels of luxury sports cars, and you are not any different. Talking about the design and layout of sports cars, you will find many approaches – especially regarding the engine placement and specifications. Classic sports cars have engines placed up front, but automakers have realized that moving the engine to the middle or rear has various advantages. Is it true? We are here with the answer! This post will reveal the pros and cons of sports cars’ front, middle and rear engines. Keep reading to learn more!

Front, Middle, And Rear Engines in Sports Cars
Front, Middle, And Rear Engines

Front Engine Sports Cars:

Nothing will amaze you when discussing sports cars with front engines. A front-engine car with the engine directly between the front wheels is perhaps what you are most familiar with. The most common layout is this one since it is useful. As there is more room for passengers and freight with the engine in the front, sports cars with a front engine can be designed with four seats while still being quite quick.

The car’s weight is skewed toward that end of the vehicle, though, because of the large, hefty engine being upfront. These vehicles typically have a higher center of gravity, which isn’t ideal for handling and can cause body roll, though this levels out when the vehicle moves. The drive becomes less responsive due to roll. Finally, the engine in the front can run faster because most performance vehicles are rear-wheel drive.


A front engine on sports cars can show various advantages and positive aspects as you cruise them through the highway. Some of these positive aspects include:

  • More room for passengers and cargo
  • Easier to drive
  • Easier to service and maintain


However, not every front-engine car can bring these advantages, as some will throw negative points at you. These drawbacks are:

  • Relatively high center of gravity
  • Driveline loss
  • Less-ideal weight distribution

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2. Rear-engine Sports Cars:

The legendary Porsche 911 and other extremely specialized vehicles, such as the Ariel Atom and Nomad, adopt this layout. However, vehicles with engines in the middle are not all that common. The weight and the power unit are immediately adjacent to the driving wheels when the engine is mounted at the rear wheels. This additional weight enhances acceleration and traction.

Despite having a rear-biased weight distribution, these cars have a lower center of gravity than front-engine cars. These vehicles deliver excellent performance but can also be challenging to control in challenging circumstances. While characteristics like unexpected oversteer have been reduced via suspension and chassis adjustment, drivers should still be cautious while rising off the gas.


Rear-engine can present numerous advantages as you go down the road. They are beneficial on highways, especially when cruising. Here are a few points to remember before driving these vehicles with your loved ones:

  • Improved traction control
  • Better center of gravity
  • Enhanced acceleration
  • More practical than middle-engine cars


Despite having these advantages, these cars also have a few drawbacks that can hit you hard. Drivers must be cautious while driving fast. The points include:

  • Tend to oversteer
  • Not as practical as front-engine cars
  • Worse weight distribution

3. Middle-engine Sports Cars:

The majority of exotic and fast sports cars have a mid-engine design. Instead of being on top of or behind the rear wheels in this scenario, the engine is centered, frequently directly behind the driver. This setup offers many of the advantages of a rear-engine car but without the disadvantages.

Therefore, there is plenty of traction due to the engine being closer to the rear wheels, which results in quicker acceleration. But because it is not as far back, the car is not as eager to swing while forcing turns at high speeds. Additionally, the weight distribution is better balanced, and the center of gravity is lower, with the engine in the middle, enhancing the vehicle’s responsiveness.


Middle-engine cars are good to drive and present various prospects for riders. Here are a few:


Talking about its disadvantages, you will still find a few. The list is no longer than the following points:

  • Limited cabin space
  • Harder to maintain
  • Hard to recover from sprints

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