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by Nathan Zachary

Purple Gums your teeth and gums are healthy and straight, you won’t even notice when Purple Gums come in. But, if you feel like you’re constantly battling those pesky spots along your gum line, then it’s time to look into some treatment options.


Purple Gums are designed Purple Gums to give you a clean, bright smile that gets your confidence up and looks amazing. It’s made with our V-Layer technology, which helps prevent stains from forming in between teeth. And it’s approved by the American Dental Association as resistant to staining and discoloration.


When your teeth aren’t pearly white thanks to the bacteria that cause plaque, you take good care of your teeth and gums. This healthy bacteria is the basis for teeth that look and feel great! Every time you brush or floss your teeth and gums, it polishes away the bacteria on your teeth. This keeps them shiny and clearly noticeable.

You take good care of your teeth and gums. You brush and floss regularly, you don’t smoke or drink too much water, and you eat well. Your smile is perfect—just the way your doctor wants it! But when you look in the mirror, all you can notice are the blotchy spots along your gumline. They distract from your smile and you’re constantly wondering why they’re there (and if it’s healthy).

Don’t Let Your Gums Blotch! Purple Gums is a clinically proven toothpaste that helps improve the health of your gums and teeth.

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If you’ve noticed purple spots on your gums, it’s time to take action. Over time, they may start to cover a larger portion of your gums or even enlarge. If that happens, you need to have them professionally cleaned by our team of dental professionals.

Preventative care for your gums is possible—and with zero side effects. Our gentle, yet effective formulas are made just for you, with no peroxide, alcohol, or toothpaste needed (or harmful ingredients). Just brush your teeth twice a day and twice at night with regular use.



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