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Why Pearlescent & Matte Car Paint Has Limited Color Range?

by Nathan Zachary

There are numerous ways to distinguish your car, particularly in terms of looks, but few choices available to car buyers have as much of an influence as the choice of paint. As matte paint has become more widely available, auto repair shop Winnipeg have expanded its paint end offerings to include it.  When choosing a car, there are several options to consider, like the fuel type—petrol, diesel, or strength—the trim level, optional features, and alloy wheels. Although the choice of automotive paint has a significant impact on how a vehicle looks, choosing a color is no longer enough. 

These days, there are many different types of paint available, including solid (i.e., non-metallic), matte, pearlescent, and custom options. Here, we go through the information on pearlescent and matte paints as well as the reasons behind their limited color range.

What Is Matte Paint?

Matte paint is the opposite of standard paint finishes, which are shiny and vivid, like steel. It muffles sound and prevents light reflections. When seen under a microscope, an automobile frame panel’s floor painted with a matte finish will appear rough and uneven in contrast to the smooth floor painted with a gloss finish. 

While the smooth gloss finish reflects light in a predictable manner to provide the appearance of glitter, the uneven surface of matte paint absorbs the light. Auto body paint shop can choose how little shine you want from your car by choosing from a variety of matte finishes that are available on the market.

Why Matte Paint Have Limited Color Range?

Due to the fact that non-vivid matte finishes typically only exist in tones of silver, gray, or black, this is not an uncommon desire. Additionally, they are more expensive and more maintenance-intensive than pearlescent paints. This is why the end is only easily accessible on cars that frequently stop. Additionally, the paint is particularly vulnerable to the abrasives used in a power-via car wash. You can only wash it using your hands.

Matte coatings require a lot of maintenance, including frequent cleaning with specific shampoos and polishes. Bird droppings contain acids that swiftly eat through the finish; thus, they should be removed as soon as possible. Naturally, it is extremely difficult and expensive to repair matte surfaces properly. This is the reason, as limited people use mattes paints, and they are very difficult to maintain with high costs, they come in limited colors.

Tips For Obtaining Matte Finish

Auto repair shop Winnipeg paints your car with pearlescent paint using a primer with a high epoxy content, paint with a high PVC content, or lacquer that contains a pulling agent. Regardless of the technique, the paint absorbs lighter than it reflects, giving the color an attractively dull shine and certain texture. The amount of daily reflection that can be created from a coating’s smooth surface increases as it contains more binder; in contrast, when binder content decreases, pigment granules become exposed to the floor, scattering light, and giving the coating a matte appearance.

Benefits Of Matte Paint

  • Dresses the part
  • Status shows off

Negative Aspects Of Matte Paint

  • The most expensive
  • arduous to smooth
  • Not polishable with a standard abrasive polisher 

Pearlescent Paint What Is It?

Pearlescent paints are made of ceramic particles and are also known as “Mica” or “Pearl” by some auto body paint shops. Pearlescent paints shine even more brilliantly and deeply than metallic paints, but they also tend to be more opulent and require more car maintenance. While high-quit manufacturers frequently provide dozens, mainstream manufacturers typically only offer a small selection of pearlescent colors.

Ceramic crystals that both reflect and refract light are included into the paint to produce the pearlescent shine. That gives the color a depth that unquestionably not even metallics can match. Lighter colors also become iridescent in sparkling light, appearing to be unique colors when viewed from particular angles, sometimes to stunning effect. 

Why Pearlescent Paint Have Limited Color Range?

There aren’t many pearlescent colors, but more on that later. However, this paint is by far the most stunning type of paint. It shines opulently in the rich, blue gray color of pearls, creating a practically unavoidable bright sheen. You may have already seen a pearlescent car if you’ve ever seen a multicolored vehicle that appears to change color as you move around it. Special care must be given when washing a pearlescent car since they are very subject to damage from minute grit particles that can be in your car-washing sponge. Pearlescent paints are even more susceptible to marks and are harder to repair than metallics. That is why they comes in limited variety of colors. 

Benefits Of Pearlescent Paint

  • Lovely color variations
  • Exceptional appearance
  • Conceals chassis dings

Negative Aspects Of Pearlescent Paint

  • Very expensive 
  • Can attract unfavorable attention
  • Damage is difficult to replace

Although pearlescent paint seems to be the most appealing to us, it is obviously entirely up to you, your preferences, and your budget whether or not you agree. When going for autobody paint shop to paint your vehicle you must select most financially feasible option which is easy to maintain. In any event, we hope that we have provided you some insight into two finer car paint types, pearlescent paint and matte paint with the reasons of their limited color variety and drawbacks.

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