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Read this article to learn about the biggest social media platform, Instagram story size, and other dimensions!

by Nathan Zachary
instagram stories size

The world is all about innovations and technological advancement these days. The 21st century can be officially called the “era of innovations.” One of the gigantic innovations of this century is the internet. Today, we have a separate “Internet world’ where people meet or connect. This arrangement is called social media platforms. There is no doubt how powerful social media platforms are. Instagram is one of the biggest virtual platforms where most of the world’s population connects.

Moreover, they share a major percentage of their daily chores on Instagram in the form of stories, photos, videos, etc. Nowadays, they have added some filters too. And who can forget these amazing boomerangs! But, some of us often struggle or get an error while uploading insta stories. If you are one of those experiencing story uploading errors, this article is for you.

Understanding the concept of Instagram stories!

Instagram is all about advancing or improvising the social media experience for you. Moreover, Instagram continuously experiments to make the customer experience exceptional and entertaining whenever they visit their Instagram profile. One of the most popular features includes Instagram stories. Instagram stories features allow users to post real-time or saved videos, photos, or moments on Instagram. The finest thing about this feature is that the story appears on your Instagram for not more than 24 hours. Thus, if you do not wish to upload any picture or video, you can go for an Instagram story. Also, this Instagram story allows the user to choose among various filters, make boomerangs to capture a glimpse of the moments, or can go live over Instagram. However, some of us face certain problems while uploading pictures or photos as Instagram stories. Some of the most common errors include “photo or video size not supporting.” Let us check out how to fix the Instagram stories size error.

Instagram Stories size: what is the ideal size, and how to fix it?

Instagram has launched the Instagram stories feature with certain benchmarks. Therefore, there is a pre-set criterion for the dimensions of the Instagram story. Instagram story dimension should not be less than 1080pX1920p. Also, the other conditions include the photo size being under 30 MB with an aspect ratio of 9:16. The pre-set length for the Instagram story is 15 seconds.

If the length of your video is more than the required range for an Instagram story, try to edit the video using editing apps so that all the important information comes under 15 seconds. 

If the photo you want to add as an Instagram story is too large. Try to edit and bring down the pixels upto 1080pX1920p. 

Moreover, it is dominant to note that the types of video files that Instagram accepts are GIF, MP4, and MOV. Therefore, please make sure to convert your video into either of the file types before uploading it on Instagram as an Instagram story.

In the end, I hope you have understood the concept of the Instagram story well. Thank you and take care.

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