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Some reasons behind wooden door damages in 2022

by Nathan Zachary

Doors and windows of a home, or any building, are an escapeway to the outside world. They not only allow sunlight to enter the house’s insides and ventilate the surroundings but also add a decor element. Reasons behind wooden door damages.They are essential features of a home without which any building is incomplete. 

Since they are so crucial, their proper maintenance is imperative. Undoubtedly there are many variations of doors and windows installations available nowadays. However, people still have the old love and need for aesthetic looks with wooden doors and windows. Doors made of wood can be beautifully customized with intricate designs and look new for years. 

As a natural material, however, it faces several problems after normal wear and tears. And these problems or wooden door damages can be time-consuming and costly to repair. Fortunately, you can fix the most common reasons behind wooden door damage.  

Wooden doors and windows, or any wooden furniture for that matter, get an additional layer of protection to finish the look. The varnish or lacquer coating is applied to keep the material, wood, safe from several potential harms that might happen over time. 

This extra layer of coating degrades after time. Hence, your precious and beautiful wooden door is exposed to external elements. If you have installed wooden doors or windows at home for a long time now, you might be able to see some visible damage. Even if you take proper care of the wooden door, they are naturally prone to external changes and regular usage. 

Apart from the natural causes for the wooden door damage, many times, improper installation or issues with the carpentry services also enhance the process. This post will highlight some of the common reasons for wooden door damage that people still face in 2022. You can also visit carpenter in dubai. 

Weather changes or extreme temperature 

Your home’s doors and windows protect you from weather changes and the extreme temperature outside. Be it hailstorms, rain, or UV sunlight; they withstand it all. In the process, they lose their protective layer over time. You might then notice some damage on the door like rotting, peeling, and cracks. 

You cannot control the damages due to natural elements. High and low temperatures significantly affect the wood. Suppose your wooden door is not fitting correctly in the frame. In that case, it might have expanded or contracted due to temperature change. The more it is exposed to direct extreme temperature changes, the higher the damages will be. That is why the exterior part of the door is always more damaged and in miserable condition than the interior side. 

Dust and dirt

Dust and dirt can damage almost everything, not only wooden doors and windows but also the protective nets and covers. The location of your home greatly influences the extent of dust and dirt damage to the wooden doors. These issues will be more common if you live in a developing area. 

High winds often carry a high concentration of dirt particles that scratches the door. High hit and dry winds also dehydrate the wooden doors. If you do not clean them regularly, dust will sit on them. As time passes, the harm will be more prominent. 


Termite infestation is high in wooden doors and windows, and furniture. The chances are exceptionally high in tropical locations like India. These creatures can destroy your beautiful wooden doors to the core to the extent of irreparable. Many surveys suggest the issue of wooden door damages due to termites in urban houses is about 30%. 

What you can do here is get pest control periodically to prevent extreme damage. While this will be an added expense to the usual maintenance procedure, it is worth it. 


Who would have thought that regular sunlight would eventually harm your home’s sturdy wooden doors and windows, right? Inside the house, wooden materials are safe. But as they are exposed to sunlight daily, the situation can be damaging. 

Without shade, your doors and windows are prey to consistent ultra-violet rays from the sunlight. They will affect the doors’ finishing as it comes off eventually. Once the wood’s outer protective layer or finish comes off, it becomes more susceptible to other threats. 

The paint or finish rubs off the door leaving the wood naked and dry. If you don’t apply proper measures, it will also start making creaking sounds. 

Improper installation 

Wood doors face significant risk when their installation is improper. Unaligned frames, crookedness, corner discrepancies, etc., are the signs of carpentry issues that can be fixed via adjustments. If not, improper installation will worsen the future damages. 

Loose screws and hinges 

Suppose your wooden door is not closing correctly or hanging and shifting around unnaturally. In that case, it could be due to misaligned hinges and loose screws. This would result in doorframes running against each other and damage. An unstable door will rock, damaging the structure in the process. 


Wood gets damaged when there is too much moisture. They naturally absorb moisture if exposed to it, which weakens the exterior finish. They get heavy in the process, affecting the door’s proper functionality. The door hinges may get loose. 

Humidity and moisture both affect wood doors in the same way. Excessive rain or snow increases the air moisture resulting in swelling and expansion of the door structure. If so, you cannot close the door properly. This problem will further make the door susceptible to mould formation and weak security. Also visit a handyman in dubai

Normal wear and tear

Regular use makes wooden doors and windows bound to chip and fade. The damages will be faster if the wood is of low quality. As you can do nothing about it, regularly painting and polishing them might work. If they become unusable over time, replace or install new ones. 

A few solutions to improve your wooden door maintenance are as below:

  • If your wood door expands, you can prevent the damage from escalating by air drying. You can use a rotating fan, heat gun, or hair dryer. 
  • Sanding can help minimize the moisture absorption of the wood doors. 
  • Protect the door surface by applying polish, paint, or seals periodically. A new coating will improve the exterior protection. 
  • If there is no repair option, replacing the door is the last resort. 


Despite following suitable measures to protect your wooden doors and windows, fundamental causes cannot be eliminated. You can only minimize its impact and result by applying the right solutions. For higher performance and durability of wooden doors, proper maintenance is essential. 

If taking care of wooden doors and windows is too much of a task, you can look into other better alternatives. 

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