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How to Recover Deleted Telegram Messages in Android and ios

by Nathan Zachary
how to recover deleted telegram messages

Telegram is a free messaging app which has gained immense popularity in the last few years and lots and lots of people are using this platform. The amazing features of telegram have lured the users and they have been using it. However, there are many users who are wondering how to recover deleted telegram messages.

Well, users do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to guide our users about how they can get back the messages which have been deleted on this platform so without any further ad on let us move ahead to know about it. 

Recovering messages using mobile device 

The users need to open their device and then from there they need to go to the settings tab following which the users need to press on general button. 

Under general section the users will find a reset button on which they have to press. Followed by this the users are supposed to press on erase all content and settings button on the screen. 

Click on back up then erase and then press the password so that the users can avoid losing the data of their device. 

Now, the users need to confirm this procedure by filling up the password. The device  will be reboot and when it will turn on it will show restore option on which users have to click to get the data back. 

Using tunes kit for recovery 

To get deleted messages the users need to install and the launch the app on their device and then they need to connect their mobile deice to the computer.

The users now need to look for option of recover from ios in the middle top of the screen on the main interface of the device. 

Following this the users will see that the program will detect the device and the different files which will presented on the screen for the users. 

The users now need to select the categories of data on the right column of the screen which can be scan and then the users have to click the scan button which will begin the scanning the chose data of the device. 

The users can visit onlinehubb if they want to get more information regarding the same so that the users can use this information for their use. The site is easy to navigate hence, the users will find no issues in accessing and using it. 

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