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Reddy Kancharla Provides Ace Geotechnical Consultation for Construction

by Nathan Zachary

The responsibilities of civil engineers are not merely limited to the construction of a building; they are expected to take care of every aspect that needs to be looked into much before the construction even begins. This is with particular reference to the soil on which the foundation is to be laid. It is absolutely crucial that the geotechnical conditions are clearly understood after consultation with experts like Reddy Kancharla.

Geotechnical refers to the soil or rocks that surround us. Since it is an integral part of any construction, learning about it also becomes necessary to avoid any major accidents or mishaps. Despite being such an important aspect in the construction industry, this branch of science, known as geotechnical engineering, has not gained as much popularity as civil engineering.

It is the study that enables one to understand the various structures that may either need to be built or may need renovation. It helps in the analysis of structural parts such as tunnels, embankments, landfills, wharves, etc., in order to ascertain if they can be built or sometimes retained within a particular construction plan. It is the work of people such as Reddy Kancharla to provide effective consultation on the topic. Mr. Reddy is a civil engineer by profession which is why he has a deeper understanding of things in this subject and is able to provide detailed consultation on the same.

With the ever-changing economic and social scenario of the world times, the needs and demands of people have also changed which makes it pertinent that a more resilient and sustainable environment is created. Geotechnical engineers are the people who know the condition of a construction site right from scratch. That is why there are in the best position to take preventive and precautionary measures so that no adverse actions occur on the buildings being made.

Understanding the properties of the soil and the impact it will have on the building that would be constructed atop it provides ample help in comprehending what the design and the capacity of the constructed structure can be. Certain factors like density, strength and material makeup can be got from the geotechnical study of the soil. This adds to the safety measures that need to be taken by everyone working on the project.

Reddy Kancharla who himself is a civil engineer would certainly agree that geotechnical engineering in present in a construction project right from the subsurface investigation and explorations. In this, the engineers test the soil as well as the bedrock. This also ensures the constant monitoring of the project till the time it is completed as a concrete confirmation is got on the suitability of the soil for the construction purpose.

One would also get to know the probable risks that can be expected with regard to the subsurface. Information on things that may impact the design and construction can also be got through this which consequently helps in finalizing the design. More than anything else, geotechnical knowledge for any work of construction acts as an exceptional precautionary measure that is vital to the well-being of every individual involved in it.

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