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what kind of AAT accounting courses are in the UK

by Nathan Zachary
AAT qualification

Future Connect Training & Recruitment is the best option for AAT courses in the UK, with the daytime, evening, and weekend lessons available. Whether you want to pursue your career or start in accounting, our training and credentials will give you the information and boost the confidence that you need to succeed. Enrol today and begin building your accounting and finance career.

Bookkeeping is at the core of any organisation. Employers have a significant need for bookkeepers with accounting and financial management degrees. By going through each certification level at your speed, you may work your way up from entry-level accounting, starting with bookkeeping, to a senior-level position. As you continue through your education, get on-the-job experience to help you accelerate your path to becoming a chartered accountant.

AAT level 2 Bookkeeping certification

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping Accounting is a short course that will teach you all you need to know about bookkeeping and basic accounting. You’ll study double-entry bookkeeping, which is the cornerstone for all accounting and bookkeeping. From the foundation level, the qualification develops two units: accounting controls and bookkeeping transactions. 

The Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping Accounting is a quick route to AAT Level 3. You can proceed to finish the whole Foundation Certificate in Accounting Level 2, the entire Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level 3, or the Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping to Level 3 once you’ve completed the two tests.

AAT level 3 certification

This credential gives the skills needed to function as a bookkeeper accountant or advance to a higher accounting degree. The course will educate you to comprehend advanced bookkeeping principles and ideas, financial statement preparation, and indirect tax concerns in businesses, single traders, and partnerships. 

Three modules from the Advanced Diploma in Accounting are combined to form the Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping. After completing the Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping, you can proceed to the complete Advanced Diploma in Accounting at any time and from any location.

Level 4 AAT 

The AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting is the final and most advanced level in the AAT Accounting series, allowing you to apply to become an AAT Licensed Accountant and open your practice.

AAT Level 4 provides the door to a variety of senior accounting positions, including:

Financial Accountant’s Assistant

Analyst, Commercial

Manager of Payroll

Senior Accountant

Supervisor of Taxes

Accountant for Value Added Tax

Financial team leadership abilities, such as financial statements for limited firms, complicated management accounting activities, management skills, and specialised learning areas, will be acquired as you proceed towards complete AAT MAAT and chartered status.

Why AAT qualification?

The AAT courses have no set timeframe for completion.

Earning an AAT with Eagle has the advantage of giving you complete control over the process. Unlike other training courses, you may go through the levels at your leisure.

It’s easy to fit your studies with your schedule with AAT test sessions planned throughout the year when you’re ready; book and finish as quickly or slowly as you choose.

AAT courses have no prerequisites, and no prior knowledge of accounting or bookkeeping is necessary. AAT courses also provide a wide range of AAT qualification levels, allowing you to choose exactly how much and when you want to study; for example, you may stop learning after Level Two and work as a Junior Accountant for a good salary.

The AAT credential is highly regarded, and it improves your employability.

AAT certificates are internationally recognised and give both legal and professional prestige; one cannot legally practise accounting without an AAT qualification and certification. Having AAT qualifications on your CV will provide you with a substantial competitive advantage in the workplace, even if you have no plans to pursue a career in accounting. 

Financial management is critical in every business, so whether you’re aiding in the direction of a small industry or preparing to start your own, you’ll be well-prepared to ensure that any company thrives financially.

AAT certificates can also help degree holders get jobs since they demonstrate a wide range of practical skills and knowledge employers desire. They may be seen as a more reliable indicator of “real-world” ability than a highly academic university diploma.

AAT training is an effective investment.

AAT courses are inexpensive, and you can study at your own pace at home, so you won’t get into huge debt or miss out on years of income while exploring. Thus, AAT courses give a large return on a modest investment, giving you a high level of career security (after all, accounting skills are constantly in demand) and the possibility to increase your annual earnings by thousands of pounds.

Every company need the services of an accountant.

Accountants are needed now more than ever to assist economies throughout the world balance. Accountants are required for a variety of sectors, including fashion and football. As a result, you may decide to work as a freelancer or in your preferred field.


Before enrolling in The Professional Diploma in Accounting, you should already have the AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting (or be close to completing it). This rule has certain exceptions, particularly if you have just finished a British or Irish accounting or finance degree.

Choosing a career path

With a Professional Diploma in Accounting, you will be able to:

Supervisor of Accounts Payable and Expenses

Financial Accountant’s Assistant

Analyst, Commercial

Accountant (Cost)

Accountant for Fixed Assets

Manager of Indirect Taxation

Manager of Payments and Billing

Manager of Payroll

Senior Accountant

Officer in Charge of Finance

VAT Accountant Senior Fund Accountant Tax Supervisor


Naturally, only you can decide whether AAT is a better alternative than a university credential. You must choose the most acceptable course for you. There are many compelling reasons to attend university, and obtaining a relevant degree may allow you to speed your accounting studies. If you are not going to university for higher studies, you may be thinking that an AAT qualification will open doors for you in the future. Remember that accountants are in demand in every business! Whether you want to work in fashion, environmental consulting, or fraud investigation, there’s an accountancy career for you.

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