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Remote Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Solution

by Uneeb Khan
Remote Work Monitoring Software

Remote Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Solution Benefits: You can easily track the time spent by the employees while they are working on the project. Using a client application embedded in each employee’s workstation allows this to be done. Accessing their reports is also made convenient and easy with online access to remote employee monitoring software. The clients can have a look at all their employees’ activities every day and also identify areas for improvement such as lapses in work efficiency and mistakes committed by them.

It’s a cost-effective, practical, and extremely helpful solution that helps businesses save money while providing better worker productivity. Conducting employee activity with an onsite employee, and keeping track of their daily activities, movements, and tasks is not only complex but also time-consuming, especially. If you work in an organization where you need to check on employees’ actions every day.

Let’s face it, we all need more accurate time tracking. Technology has come a long way, and there are tons of great tools for creating reports on your employees’ time spent working. But organizations can’t be bothered with hourly reports and tedious task managers that offer little in the way of analytics and big-picture data visualizations. Remote Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking is a flexible solution that gives you the time tracking capabilities you need without the hassle of trying to collect all the data by hand.

Benefits of Remote Work Monitoring: Our Commitment Extends Beyond Just Time and Attendance

1. Track employee GPS location

In short, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to be able to track the employee’s GPS location during their work day. By doing so, important insights about where employees are working most often, and when, can be garnered. It is possible to promote and advance through merit rather than seniority with that knowledge. Real-time tracking tools can help business owners honor that promise no matter where in the world their team members are working from.

A GPS monitoring system will help small businesses to better control their employees, improving work ethic in the process. Now you can check your employee’s activity and location 24/7.

2. Monitor Web/App Activity

Although working from home is not for everyone, it has its advantages. Time, money, and the feeling of being “in” the office no matter where you are make working from home an increasingly popular option for employees. From employers’ points of view, this presents a challenge: with employees working from home, company managers don’t have constant supervision over their employees resulting in increased potential for an unethical activity or loss of productivity. While there is no solution that will completely eradicate these risks, remote work monitoring software can ensure that these risks are minimized by offering transparency into an employee’s day-to-day computer activity. Including time spent on personal activities like shopping or chatting online.

3. Monitor Desktop Live

Being able to monitor your employees’ computer activity can significantly improve your productivity and control over the IT environment. While also taking a load off their minds knowing you have the ability to access their PC. We hope this article gave you a great overview of some of the top remote monitoring software programs on the market. Each will give you different levels of oversight, including surveillance and logging. The next step is to consider the features that are important to you. Then choose a top program for another review or even demo for yourself in person.

4. Record Chats and Keystrokes

If you are worried about your employees working late shifts and want to check if they are actually working. Then the best solution will be to install remote work monitoring software. By installing this software. You will get detailed logs of your employee’s activities such as websites visited, chats, keystrokes typed, and much more.

A variety of remote employee monitoring software services are available that make it easy to keep tabs on employees from a computer or mobile device. Whether you use them as a manager or an employee. These tools help you perform your job more efficiently and might even prevent legal issues with intellectual property theft.

5. Screenshot Captures

It can be easy to overlook the importance of monitoring screenshots. But it is an activity that you should take seriously. Even if you only check your remote employees once a week and they have been honest with you up to this point. You never know if they’ll turn and start taking shortcuts. Screenshots are simple to review and typically don’t require any kind of specialist training on your part which makes them a convenient option to use.

Shortlisted gives you the ability to capture screenshots of your staff or subcontractors’ computer screens in real-time. It is a great way to document exactly what has been done and any other information that you might need concrete proof of. For example, location information, the operating system, and the day/time the screenshot was taken at.

6. Mobile Time Tracking

Sometimes you have to take your job on the road, heading to clients or other needs away from the office. At home, there are probably many things that can rob you of time spent working. Time Doctor is a web-based remote work monitoring software that not only helps you to work more effectively and efficiently but also keeps tabs. On your productivity from anywhere in the world. It’s easy to use and powerful enough to keep track of even the busiest remote worker.

7. Real-Time Employee Activity Log

Businesses are embracing remote work monitoring due to the many benefits it offers. A first-of-its-kind real-time employee activity log helps businesses track the time their employees spend in the office, while they’re working remotely, and even when they’re out of the office for personal reasons. By using remote work monitoring software. Employees will be accountable for their work/life balance and employee time-tracking software productivity will increase as a result.

Absence is one of the largest reasons why employees get fired. This is extremely problematic and takes away more than $15 billion annually from U.S. businesses. In this article, I will cover how remote monitoring software can reduce absenteeism. Boost employee productivity and help keep your business running smoothly and profitably.

8. Employee Work Reports

Employee work reports provide a clear picture of how every staff member is performing on a regular basis. Remote access to computers and software makes Work Reports possible for managers that are located away from their staff. This article lists the benefits and dangers of monitoring employees with such software.

Unless you want your employees to be slacking off, it is best that you consider installing remote work monitoring software. It’s easy to do, and the benefits are strangely advantageous for both you and your employees. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it already.

9. Visualize Your Data in Graphs, Charts, and Dashboards

If you haven’t used remote work monitoring software before, definitely consider it. It’s easy to overlook how much data your team is processing. And not all of this data may be useful to your company or clients. but viewing it on graphs or charts and then summarizing it with a dashboard can help you understand that data better.

There’s more than one way to show your data. If you’re struggling to present your information, take a look at some of these options. You’re sure to find something that works for you.


Remote Work Monitoring Software and Time Tracking Solutions is a beneficial tool for people. Who wants to manage their working process efficiently? By using this system, you will be able to keep your employees in the loop and up-to-date with upcoming company changes. If you are an employer looking to provide better services to your management and employees. Make sure that you are equipped with Employee DeskTrack Software. With the help of this software which is a remote employee monitoring solution. It becomes much easier to keep track of the working hours of all your employees.

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