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Rotate PDF: The Best Free Tools of SnapPDF

by Nathan Zachary

The PDF format is the first choice when sending and sharing documents. This ensures that the file is displayed correctly for all users, regardless of the operating system and device. It is therefore advisable to convert other formats such as .docx or .odt into a PDF beforehand . 

A PDF is also typically created when documents are scanned. But what to do if the file is not displayed correctly and individual pages are misaligned ? SnapPDF introduces several free ways to rotate and save a PDF.

Situations where the Rotate PDF Document feature can help

Almost every user is familiar with the following situation: You insert a document into the scanner and start the scanning process . Only when you subsequently check the scanned file do you notice that the sheet has been rotated by 180° – the document is upside down . But is it necessary to repeat the scanning process? The simple answer is: no. Instead, it is more efficient to rotate and save the PDF file. This saves you time and eliminates the need to repeatedly scan the same pages.

Flyers, brochures or vouchers typically contain different orientations. For example, an imprint or a reply form is often aligned at right angles to the rest of the content. Even if a printout is to be folded, a varying orientation is necessary. This makes it difficult to check the print data and read all of the content. With the Rotate PDF Page feature, any content on the computer is easily readable with just a few clicks.

SnapPDF thinks that the PDF format is the first choice when sending files. The most important advantages include the small file size and a uniform display on all devices. But the file format offers far more functions that often remain unused. A particularly practical use case is creating a fillable PDF form .

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