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Should You Subscribe For A Star Plus Premium Package?

by Nathan Zachary

When it comes to subscribing to a certain platform, the first thing that comes to your mind is the budget. Comparing and contrasting the monetary differences along with the variety of choices in the content and additionally if the available content is according to your taste. Various factors come to one’s mind before taking the first step and deciding what would work for you.

If you are confused and pondering about subscribing to a StarPlus.com/begin premium package, we suggest you continue reading to figure out what would be the best decision for you.

Star Plus Premium Package Consists Of Many Channels 

Who doesn’t love Disneyplus.com/begin? Every person has a sweet memory related to their own favorite Disney character. They already have a wide variety of work done, and having all of our favorite shows together on one platform was very overwhelming for us. 

But Disney made it even better when they decided to introduce the best brand under them. The ‘Star’ channel expands our choices. Disney again made a brand out of its Fox television channels to Star, including:

  • Star Premium Movies
  • Star Premium Series
  • Star Premium Action
  • Star Premium Comedy
  • Star Premium Fun
  • Star Premium Cinema
  • Star Premium Classics

The Price Of Star Plus Premium 

This is the most common issue that all people have a problem with. But everything always in any way comes with a cost, doesn’t it? And that includes entertainment. The annual price of Star Plus premium is $49.99 and the monthly price of the same would be $13.99. Quite pricey? Yes, it is. But you need to keep in mind all the channels that would be there exclusively only for you. Also, they have 19 live channel options and 50+ channels in them. Multiple live channel options are not usually available for other streaming services like Netflix. As it turns out, purchasing the annual price at once would be more beneficial than going for the monthly system. But, if you are new to subscriptions and with the way they work, you should go for the monthly system. 

Comparing With Other Similar Services 

Star Plus has been providing us with spectacular services since its start. Other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO max have several contents in them along with variations. But one thing which the other streaming services are lacking is their channels under them. 

Moreover, other streaming platforms do not have famous shows and movies that are from Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, or even informative shows on the geographic channel. And that is not all. As it is evident that there are shows which are not appropriate for children, Star Plus has kept in mind the safety of the little kids and has provided further controls to the parents so that the children do not accidentally want mature content in it. 

The Devices That Star Plus Premium Supports 

Star Plus is not only limited to televisions. It’s available for various other devices which include web browsers both on PC and Mac, along with those apps which are available on iOS and Apple TV, Android and TVs which are android, even on Fire TV as well as Fire HD, WebOS, Chromecast, and Tizen OS devices. 

Furthermore, there are other digital media players and gaming consoles, which include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and also PCs running Windows 10 and Windows 11. 

Star Plus has utilized technology to its fullest and has done the most that can be done for their client’s ease. Like any other streaming service, there are a couple of problems like the monetary issue which is a major drawback of this package. But along with that, they have major pros which stand out from the other services, such as a combination of content. 

But having said that, there are millions of people and each one of them has a different preference. You as an individual would know what would be the best service for you. The channels that you watch and the content that you would like to explore. The above-stated points were listed to help you in opening a road that would help you decide further.Read More – How to stream your favorite YouTube videos on your streaming device or TV – tv.youtube tv/start

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