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Simple Techniques For Designing A Logo That Enhances Your Brand

by Nathan Zachary
Designing a Logo

Designing a logo is an important part of your business’s brand and helps your target audience remember who you are. In fact, three-quarters of the people who took part in the research said that a logo is the most “recognizable brand identifier.” Also, half of the people said they were more likely to buy goods and services from companies with logos they knew.

Designing a great logo can help you make a better first impression. It’s one of the first things a potential customer sees about your brand, so make sure it shows off your brand well.

If you are designing a logo, think about how you want your brand to be shown. Here are some techniques for designing a logo that will help you connect with the people you want to reach and enhance your logo. 

Know Your Business And Your Competitors

If you know your industry and your competitors, designing a logo that makes your brand stand out will not be a big deal. With the uncertainty, you know your target customers and what your competitors are doing to attract them; you can make design choices that tell your own story. If you don’t know important facts about your industry and competitors, your logo might not set you apart or reflect the interests of your target audience.

Research your industry and competitors before you start designing a logo. This will help you:

  • Clearly set yourself apart from your competitors.
  • Show customers what makes you different.
  • Create a positive initial impression

Like, look at the Lowe’s logo. Home Depot’s logo and store look are orange and black, and it seems to cater to people who work in home improvement. Lowe’s, on the other hand, is more for people who want to fix up their own homes. The fact that their logo has a house in it helps show this.

Tell A Story.

When designing a logo, make sure the logo should make people think about the most important parts of your brand’s story and what makes you special and worth their time. Your story—why you wanted to start this business and help people—is a big part of what makes you special.

By putting a story into your logo, you can do the following:

  • Make it easier for people to understand what you want to say. The first impression you give your customers should give them a clear idea of what your brand has to offer.
  • Tell people what sets you apart from others in your field.
  • Bring out the feelings you want to share.

If you don’t use a story to help you in designing a logo, you might end up with something too generic and hard to tell apart from other logos in your industry.

This kind of storytelling can be seen in the logo for the high-end brand. Practically, going to video animation services for a logo can help you get better logos as these agencies often hire very creative designers, as is their business nature. 

Don’t Be Literal

While designing a logo, ensure the logo tells people about your brand and what it stands for and sets you apart from the competition. If you just make a picture that looks like the products you sell, you won’t do much to reach any of these goals. Instead, think about your brand’s history and how to make a clear statement of what you stand for.

Keeping your logo design from being too literal can help you:

  • Make a unique image that people will like.
  • Show who your brand is and what it stands for.
  • Instead of just telling customers what you make, tell them more about your brand.

The Apple logo, for example, does a great job of not being literal. Apple didn’t want to make a logo that looked like their tech products, so they chose to make a logo that looked like a simple, crisp apple. It’s simple and easy to remember.

Make It Your Own.

Your logo should show your brand’s uniqueness and not be too similar to another company in your field. You want customers to think of what you have to offer as soon as they see your logo. To reach this goal, focus on making a logo with design elements, colors, fonts, and images that show your unique story, background, and values.

Some advantages of designing a logo that is unique:

  • Getting more known
  • Making you stand out from the rest
  • Making it easier for people to associate your brand with good things

If your logo isn’t unique, customers may have trouble telling it apart from others in the same industry. It’s also less likely to get potential customers’ attention or help your marketing.

For example, the Nike swoosh is a unique kind of logo because it looks like the wing of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The simplicity and smooth movement of the logo are also meant to show speed, which shows how hard athletes work at their sports.

Use Different Fonts And Styles Of Writing.

The font is another important thing to think about. As much as the image itself, it can show who you are and how professional you are. Also, there have been changes in what people expect to see. About 75% of the logos for Fortune 500 companies are made with sans serif fonts like Helvetica and Proxima. They are known for being clear and easy to read.

You can use A/B testing, research groups, and other similar methods to find out which fonts and styles work best with your target audience. If you don’t think about how your audience will react, you could end up with a logo that doesn’t interest or excite your customers. This could hurt the growth of your brand.

Using the right font has some benefits, such as:

  • Making your point more clear
  • Keep letting your personality, values, and story shine through.
  • Adding to your appearance

For example, Spotify uses a style called “sans serif,” which helps it look clearer and more modern. Serif styles tend to be more traditional and conservative, so Spotify uses a sans serif font to show how modern it is.

Create Contrast

Contrast is a design element that can make your whole design look better. It makes the image stand out more and helps the brain recognize it faster. Think about what parts of your logo you want to stand out and the different ways you can do that, such as with color and font.

Using contrast can help you do the following:

  • Bring attention to certain parts of the design
  • Draw attention because it’s easier to spot the design elements
  • Make the logo easier to read and understand so the brain can process what it sees more quickly.

Your business’s logo can look boring if it doesn’t have things that stand out. Contrast can also help draw the eye to what you want the customer to see.

One company that does this very well is Toyota. Their logo combines bold letters with soft curves to show that their cars are precise and comfortable while still looking sleek.


Logos are very significant. They can be hard to make, but every business needs them. They are the basis of a good business brand or even a personal brand. You want your logo to show who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. Hopefully, these techniques will help you make a logo that will enhance your brand.

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