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South Indian Cinema dominate North, How?

by Nathan Zachary
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In the current scenario, how South Indian Cinema dominate North? we could witness those millions of them are very much interested in watching the movies for various occasions. Also, whenever people find free time, then entertainment is the only option that they will opt for. However, when it comes to watching the movies, there are several categories available to pick. You can even checkout blog like cinevoly for more information. Usually, when you have a look at people, they will not be referring to all the categories of movies. But there are very few common categories that always keep the people entertained. But the fact is due to covid complications, theatres are allowing 50% occupancy.

The thing is due to low occupancy, most of the small budgeted movies are affected to its extreme level. It is the reason that some of the movies which are getting a chance to release directly on OTT platforms. At the same time, you need to know that not all the movies will get a chance to be released in OTT. Yes, based on the contents, OTT offers will come. So, it is also one of the main reasons that most of the small budgeted movies are stuck to release.

Releasing exciting movies by Bollywood

Also, when you have a look at Bollywood movies, there are loads of movies that are used to get released under various genres. However, it is important to know that nowadays, audience taste in Bollywood is moving towards mass masala action. It is the main reason that Akshay kumar’s recent movie Sooryavanshi clicked at the box office. On the other hand, a highly critically acclaimed movie called 83 was miserably failed at the Box office. This shows what kinds of movies are interesting to watch by people especially in the North region. Yes, it has been proven recently with telugu recent hit Pushpa.

Pushpa was released on the huge number of theatres in various versions. However, in most of the dubbed versions, the movie has managed to collect decent numbers at the boxoffice. On the other hand, surprisingly, pushpa did extremely well in the Hindi version. This shows the craze towards Allu arjun in the North region. At the same, it is also important to accept the fact that North Indian people are showing their interest towards watching mass masala action entertainers. This makes the south indian cinema to get released again and again after Bahubali, KGF and now with pushpa.

Rise of South Indian movies

As we can see that most of the south indian cinema come up with various genres. Even some of the movies come up with mega budgets like RRR, Radhe shyam, Ponniyin selvan and more. Yes, they are all in the list which will be released soon. Due to covid complications, these mega budgete movies were postponed. According to the sources, as the covid is reducing to low numbers every day passes. Hope these movies will be release soon and grab the attention of people for sure. This shows that clearly south indian movies are starting to dominate Indian cinema.

However, it is important for the movie makers to make a pan indian movie with full of promotions from start to end. With such promotions, movies will click for sure at the box office. Recently, we can also witness Vijay’s master movie. It was a smashing hit at the box office despite being released in 50% occupancy. But due to less promotion, the movie failed to capture the Hindi Market. Hopefully, in future, Vijay’s movies will get proper promotions to reach the target audience soon. When you have a look at prabhas, around 2000 cr projects have been handled. This shows that he is a real pan Indian star in the last decade.

Biggest money spinner at box office

If you have a look at south indian cinemas dubbed versions in the North region, movies like Bahubali, Bahubali 2, KGF, Saaho grabbed the attention of people. When it comes to saaho, it failed miserably at the box office, but became a hit film in Hindi. Recently, Allu arjun’s pushpa got release and grabbed the attention of people despite facing heavy competition from spider man – no way home and 83. According to the sources, the movie is still managing to mint money at the box office despite the OTT release recently.

After seeing pushpa’s huge success in the Hindi version, now most of the other south indian movies are getting ready to dominate the North region. Even North Indians are excited about watching south indian movies. When you have a look at the YouTube channel Gold Mines, most of the flop movies in the Hindi version garnered more than 100 million. This shows how much people are excited about watching south indian dubbed movies in Hindi. It is also one of the main reasons that south indian cinema makers are planning to release upcoming projects in Hindi as Pan Indian movies.

Dominance over Hindi movies

As per the sources, North Indian people are excited about watching the south indian dubbed version. This clearly shows that love from Hindi belt towards south indian movies. When you have a look at the current scenario, movies from Tamil, Telugu and other languages seem like dominating the North region for sure as well. The main example is that you can witness the recent dubbed versions that managed to run at the box office and make the makers feel happy all the way.

Wrapping up

At the end of the day, people who would like to check out the Indian movies as per current trend, will be looking for south indian cinema alone it seems. Also, it is necessary to know that the movies are dubbed in an interesting manner which grabs the attention as well. Even you can check out on social media platforms, that most people in North are looking for south indian songs, dialogue reels to do. This shows the dominance clearly. Also, it has become responsible for the makers to deliver the good movies in future. If such things follow properly, then you can witness the great outcome for sure as per expectations.

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