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Tesla Charging Stations at Home

by Nathan Zachary

Investing in the impressive, exciting, and frankly, let’s face it, ultimate motor car Tesla will certainly make you the envy of your work colleagues, friends, and family members alike.

However, there is so much more to the Tesla than the impressive nature of the machine itself, and whether you are about to buy one, or are looking to buy a Tesla in the future, then looking into charging at home will undoubtedly be at the top of your priority list.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn all about Tesla charging stations at home.

Why a Tesla Is the Best Car You Could Possibly Buy

First off, it would be pertinent, especially if you have yet to sign on the dotted line and bought your new Tesla, to learn the top benefits of the car and what makes Tesla stand out from the rest.

  • No more pricey and inconvenient stops at gas stations
  • An eco-friendly way to drive
  • The minimalistic and luxurious aesthetic appearance
  • Incredibly fast acceleration speeds
  • Substantially higher level of road safety
  • Far fewer maintenance worries and costs

Charging Your Tesla at Home

Imagine a gas station pump installed into the side of the exterior of your home. With a Tesla home charging system, this makes this fantasy a reality. There are, essentially, two different options when it comes to home charging systems – namely, the mobile connector or the wall connector option.

With mobile connectors, these are much better for those people who do not tend to drive as much and, as a result, need an as-and-when charging ability. Mobile charging connectors invariably come with the purchase of your car and the maximum level of charge is determined by the strength of the adaptor.

Wall connectors, on the other hand, can be purchased separately and will save you even more time by being able to charge your car at home, rather than plugging it in at a store car park or gas station. A Tesla charging station is by far the faster choice for charging at home and can be installed quickly, easily, and efficiently.

In most cases, it is recommended that you install your wall-mounted electrical charging connector before you receive the delivery of your vehicle, so you are ready to go immediately.

Home Maintenance for Your Tesla

Aside from the installation of a wall-mounted Tesla charging station at home, there are several other key pieces of equipment and associated accessories for your Tesla which could be a good investment.

Most Tesla owners would certainly agree that the first thing you should buy as soon as you have ordered your new Tesla is a screen protector for the in-car tablet, which will minimize the danger of scratches, smears, and fingerprints.

Other key accessories for your Tesla, which are a good idea to invest in for the safety and security of your car include jack pads, which will ensure the batter pad stays in position and mud flaps to protect the rear rockets behind the wheels.

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