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The Best Places to Live in Ontario

by Nathan Zachary
best place to live in Ontario

Researching the many regions of Ontario is a must if you consider making that province your permanent home. While some of the communities in this region of Canada are genuinely remarkable, others should be avoided at all costs. Some of the best places to live in the world are those that are both secure and spectacular in terms of amenities. If you’re looking for a new home in Ontario, the following list of the best place to live in Ontario.


Waterloo is a great place to consider relocating to in Ontario if the cost of living is a top priority. It’s a short commute to Toronto, but homes here are cheaper. Waterloo is one of Canada’s major technology hubs. Thus, its residents can obtain good-paying jobs without commuting to Toronto.


Toronto is one of the best place to live in Ontario. Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is home to about 2.9 million people. If securing a job is high on your list of priorities while relocating, one of the finest places to go in Toronto, where you can find work in a wide variety of fields and the unemployment rate is very low. Toronto’s diversified population is reflected in the city’s wide variety of neighbourhoods, pastimes, and dining options. There is something for everyone in this magnificent city, no matter how they like to relax and have fun.


Oakville is a great city to raise a family because it has top-notch educational opportunities, a secure environment, and a wealth of fun things to do together. For various reasons, this area is frequently voted among Canada’s top most excellent locations to call home. Oakville’s proximity to Toronto is appealing due to the city’s many amenities. Another factor is the wide variety of house types and styles available.


So, you don’t want to live in Toronto but still want easy access to the city’s work, amenities, and recreation options. With that in mind, Burlington represents a reasonable middle ground. Burlington is a great spot to raise a family and has a manageable commute to Toronto. The crime rate is far lower than in major cities, making it a desirable area for many people.


Ottawa, Canada, is the most desirable location in all of Ontario. Ottawa is perfect if you enjoy living in a bustling city with lots to do. There is a wide variety of entertainment options, tourist traps, and wide selection of dining and retail options. In addition, the job market is very robust there. Besides a low unemployment rate (6.6% in February), several industries are hiring. What’s more, you’d be surprised at how cheap the cost of living is in Ottawa.

Thunder Bay

Some people value the lifestyle options available in a region as much as the cost of living, the safety, and the availability of jobs. Thunder Bay is a great option if this describes you and you’re looking for a best place to live in Ontario that supports an active and healthy outdoor lifestyle. It’s a sizable urban centre in North Western Ontario, not far from Lake Superior. Its proximity to the freshwater lake makes it an ideal base for various outdoor pursuits.

Fishing, hunting, and hiking are just a few things that may be done in this area. Not only is there enough to do and see here, but the home is also reasonable, and there are plenty of conveniences.

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