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What Men Can Wear At The Office?

by Nathan Zachary
What Men Can Wear At The Office?

You don’t need to dress boringly for work. There are many ways that men can dress for work. Also, it doesn’t mean you must wear a suit daily. These are some tips for men to wear at work.


To make your shirtsleeves stand out in an office, you must wear something over them. While a suit is fine, a casual jacket or sport coat will be acceptable. Men often avoid maintaining jackets, even though they are not difficult to maintain.

A well-fitted jacket is very flattering. It gives a man’s physique a symmetrical, tapered shape that appeals to essential aesthetics. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something exotic or lavish, a simple herringbone or soft corduroy can be affordable and distinguished. They can also be used at different levels of dress.

The shirt.

There are many rules for men at work. However, a tie ring is an essential item that can be used to secure your shirt and keep it looking professional throughout the day.

Plain colors can be easy to match, but they are boring. For more formal events, you’ll need a few white shirts. However, a good office wardrobe should include a variety of colors. Both striping and checks are popular and attractive patterns. However, they should be used on a small scale.

Large, bold stripes work best for stylish social wear. On the other hand, anything that is more aggressive than a grid pattern is too corporate.Textured fabric can be used as an alternative to patterning. 

For example, a herringbone weave can give a shirt a two-tone sheen. However, be aware that button-down collars are the least formal of styles and often less flattering to a man’s face as well – point or spread collars, neatly pressed, can make you look more polished than button-downs.


Monochrome ties are safe and boring, just like shirts. However, you can add patterns and textured weaves into your wardrobe and not be afraid to mix and match.Contrasting with the shirt can be good as long as it does not clash.

You can help avoid clashing by keeping the shirt’s pattern and the tie’s pattern distinct and differently proportioned — a tie with a few broad diagonal stripes goes well with a narrowly-checked shirt, for example. Learn a knot that is appropriate for your build.

A narrow tie with a small knot will make your head look more prominent if you are tall and have a broad face. Instead, go for a thick tie, and don’t be afraid to use the whole Windsor. Add a green tie if you want to make an impression at work.

Wear socks and shoes.

It was already mentioned in our post about menswear faux pas. Your shoes should match your belt. In office settings, it’s likely to be either brown or black.

However, your socks should match the color of the pants. It would help if you had a few pairs of socks for each color. Regular polishing can help prevent shoes from getting scuffed or faded. 

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