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The Best Police Uniforms 2022

by Nathan Zachary

The RPSO upgraded to a new line of Blauer uniforms with moisture management fabric, which helps officers stay cool in Louisiana. This line also features a MOLLE option, which officers with back problems often request. A new vest carrier also allows officers to carry their gear more evenly.

Sig Sauer SP2022

The Sig Sauer SP2022 is a police pistol that has been designed for police officers to use when they are on the job. These pistols are made with the same quality and durability as their civilian counterparts, and the police uniform version is no exception. In fact, the Sig Sauer SP2022 is considered to be one of the best police pistols on the market.

The pistol has a lightweight polymer frame and an integrated accessory rail. It also features Sig Sauers’ SIGLITE night sights. It is popular with police departments throughout the 5.11 Tactical. The Swiss Military Police and the Portuguese Republican National Guard have adopted the Sig Pro design, as have the American DEA, and the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armament Command, which purchased 5,000 pistols of the same design.

Terrebonne Police Uniforms

The Terrebonne police have a new uniform program for its 200-member force. The department is seeking a lightweight, breathable, and high-visibility uniform that is easily recognizable by the community. For this, it partnered with Logistik Unicorp, which developed four garments including a two-tone polo shirt, 3XDRY t-shirt, and also stretch bike-pant. The uniforms also include reflective lettering for increased visibility.

New York Police Uniforms

The new uniforms of the NYPD Neighborhood Safety Teams will look far different from the plainclothes counterparts. According to photos obtained by The New York Post, these cops will wear navy blue tactical pants, black boots, a polo shirt, and a special Neighborhood Safety vest, with the name of the cop and the city’s logo printed in white. There will be cameras on each officer’s badge and on his or her dashboard.

Currently, there are three career tracks in the NYPD. First, there is the supervisory track, which has nine ranks. From there, one can move up to inspector, captain, or assistant chief by taking competitive civil service examinations. Thereafter, the police commissioner may promote a police officer to detective status, which requires eighteen months of investigative duty.

AZDPS Uniforms

The new uniform program for the Arizona Department of Public Safety includes multiple options for troopers. This includes a new trouser stripe and a new Class A and also Class B uniform. Troopers will wear Spiewak uniform fabric, which is composed of 74% polyester, 25% wool and 22% lycra. The new uniforms will have high pill rates and also will be designed for maximum comfort and durability.

Berlin Police Uniforms

Berlin police are set to ditch their green uniforms and switch to blue in the coming years. The change will be a big change for officers, but it’s also an opportunity to save money. The city can buy the new uniforms in bulk, and save up to 20 percent. Blue has long been associated with police officers, but the new Berlin police uniforms are a more stylish alternative.

Final Words:

Police uniforms are symbols of authority. They are a clear signal that the officer in the uniform is in charge, and has authority over the immaterial. This makes recognizing a police officer’s uniform an important skill.

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