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The Best Top 5 Fabrics for Repelling Dog Hair

by Nathan Zachary

You’ve undoubtedly spent many hours cleaning up pile after pile of loose dog hair, unless you’re one of the lucky few dog owners with a canine who doesn’t shed. It sticks to your clothes, gets trapped in every crevice, gathers under furniture, and may even get on your dishes!

Because we adore our pets so much, the majority of us deal with the problem. But there is a superior approach! Instead of choosing materials that draw dog hair like a magnet, use fabrics that resist it. This will help you keep your clothes and furnishings looking much cleaner with no extra effort.

It’s not real if it seems too wonderful to be true. We will discuss each of the top ten textiles for preventing dog hair from sticking. These materials are the ideal options if you want your clothing, bedding, or furniture to be hair-free.

100% Cotton

One of the most popular fabrics for dog clothes is also one of the greatest in repelling dog hair, thus it comes in first place on our list of materials. Many of our items are made of 100% cotton, yet some of them still appear to draw it! This is due to the requirement that this fabric be made of cotton that is very tightly woven in order to effectively resist dog hair.

You should seek for cotton with a very high thread count; the ideal number is 500 or greater. The good news is that you can readily acquire bedding made of this tightly woven cotton, and it will work wonders to lessen the quantity of dog hair that now accumulates on your bed.


High thread count sheets are simple to acquire and are excellent at resisting dog hair.


  • must have a thread count of at least 500.
  • Such intricately knit clothing is more challenging to find.
  • Bedding with a higher thread count costs extra.


Denim is a fabric that is exceptionally strong and tightly knit. Hairs have less of a chance to adhere to the cloth due to the tight weave. In contrast to hairs that are adhered to some other types of cloth, even if you still find a few hairs clinging tightly to your jeans, they will be quite simple to remove with a lint roller.

Denim also performs a wonderful job of concealing dog hair because the majority of it is a very dark hue. As a result, if any hair does manage to adhere to your pants, it won’t be particularly noticeable.

Denim’s main drawback is that it can’t be worn everywhere. For example, you could not like the way a denim couch appears.

It is always advised to buy the best dog accessories online for you pet.


Silk is the next fabric on our list of ones that deflect dog hair. If you’ve ever climbed into a bed covered with sumptuous silk sheets, you are aware of how slippery the fabric can be. In addition to feeling wonderful on your skin, it also prevents dog hair from adhering.

Dog hair doesn’t adhere to silk very easily because of its extremely slippery surface. Dog hair can also be repelled by silk mixes, which are often more durable and cost-effective.

One thing to keep in mind about silk is that your dog’s nails or teeth have a high propensity to rip holes in it. It is extremely thin and readily pierced.


Although leather hardly counts as a fabric, it is frequently used on furniture and is excellent at reducing the accumulation of dog hair. It’s really one of the finest textiles for couches for dogs. Even though it will continue to pile on top, the dog hair won’t stick. It will be easy to clean up by just wiping it off or vacuuming it up.

Many individuals choose for leather furniture, which is highly popular, for reasons other than the fact that it doesn’t attract dog hair. But if you want real leather to be smooth and supple and avoid cracking, you must treat it.

Sadly, leather is a high-end product that often costs more than other materials. A leather couch will cost somewhat more than a cotton one.


Dog hair doesn’t attach well to linen because of its densely woven construction and rather smooth surface. Like cotton, it is also incredibly breathable. But unlike cotton, linen is incredibly absorbent and dries quickly. It has the peculiar quality of not feeling damp until it has soaked in a significant amount of moisture.

Bed linen is frequently made of linen. However, it is a little more expensive than the alternatives. But by choosing a linen-cotton combination with a greater thread count, you may reduce the price a little. Even if it costs less, this will still do an excellent job of keeping pet hair from adhering.

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