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The Best Way to Secure Your Home: The Swing Handle Lock

by Nathan Zachary
Swing handle lock

The Swing Handle Lock provides an easy, secure and quick way to lock up your home when you leave or come back, but how does it stack up against other locks? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Swing Handle Lock, including how to install it and the benefits of having one on your front door. Whether you’re planning on installing the lock yourself or having it professionally installed, this guide will help you make an informed decision so that you can be confident in your new lock. Securing your home can seem like an overwhelming task. . The Swing Handle Lock works on exterior doors and windows alike, providing an easy-to-use security solution that won’t slow you down when you need to get in and out of your home quickly.

How A Door Lock Works

Door locks work by holding a sliding bolt in place so that it can’t be removed. This can be done by applying pressure to the latch on the opposite side of the door. Then your home will remain locked. These days, there are many different lock types to choose from and we want you to find the one that best suits your needs. But no matter what type of lock you choose, make sure it’s easy for you to use! You don’t want to have any trouble getting into your own house every time you come back from work. Keyless deadbolts are great because they allow you to set up codes for other people who need to enter your home, but only if they’re allowed (we’ll get into this more below).

Why Use A Swing Handle Lock?

In this day and age, security is more important than ever before. Unfortunately, the price of home insurance premiums has increased significantly over the last few years. Whether you’re buying a new home or want to protect your family from intruders, there are several smart ways you can do so for a reasonable cost. Of course, one way to up your security game would be with installing a lock on your door that doesn’t require keys or memorizing codes in order to gain access into your home. This may seem difficult at first, but if you select the right type of lock there are plenty of low-cost options available!

How To Install a Door Latch

1. Put the latch in your left hand and the deadbolt in your right. Insert the end of the bar through the hole of the latch until it is halfway through on both sides. 2. Place your fingers from your left hand overtop of those from your right, creating a lock by pushing them together. 3. Push the ends of the bar into the back of the lock casing with your thumbs. 4. While holding down the ends of the bars with your thumbs, use your hands to turn each piece 90 degrees towards you so that they are perpendicular to each other. 5. Press down on each piece at once until they snap into place inside their casings and release them; test that it locks before opening door.

Is your current latch working?

Many homeowners believe that door latches are able to provide a sufficient degree of security, but this is not always the case. When thieves attempt to break in, they often simply give their full weight against the door. In these cases, even a strong deadbolt may not hold up and must be supplemented with a security bar or security gate for better protection.

Swing handle locks operate by swinging from one side of the doorway over the other when being shut or opened. This enables you either side of the door that is adjacent to an outside railing or steps leading up for instance. By installing one on each side, intruders will have no choice but to remove both handles before gaining access because one lock must be disengaged before it can be utilized from the opposite side.

What about keyed deadbolts?

A keyed deadbolt is often the best choice for securing your home because it requires both a key and a lock. This means that even if you forget your keys or lose them, you will still be able to get inside without breaking the door or window. Additionally, a keyed deadbolt only needs one hole drilled into the door frame rather than two like with a handle lock, which makes installation easier and prevents damaging the door’s finish. Plus, while they can’t withstand brute force attacks like a hammer attack, they are much more difficult to pick than handle locks. For these reasons and more, keyed deadbolts are our favorite way to secure your home. You should install a keyed deadbolt on every exterior door leading from your house, including all doors on the ground floor and basement level. Make sure that each door has at least one deadbolt on either side of the frame to help prevent being jimmied open using a pry bar.

Every SWING HANDLE LOCK Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

After living in the same home for decades, you may have become a bit complacent with your security. As time goes on, things can get more and more uncomfortable and unsafe. Imagine how unsafe you’ll feel knowing that there are people rummaging through your belongings while you’re away at work. Here are five tips to help keep unwanted visitors out of your house. One way is installing a swing handle lock, which is an improved lock that hangs on the door latch and swings open when the door does. It’s much easier for people without a key to break into a doorknob than for them to break into one of these locks–especially if it’s well-installed with good quality hardware. Installing one also ensures that nobody who has been invited inside will be able to unlock the door from the outside unless they know exactly what they’re doing. A swing handle lock doesn’t come cheaply, but it’s worth every penny for peace of mind and safety.

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