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The great features all great mobile apps have in common between them

by Nathan Zachary

Those who are planning on developing a mobile app, it is useful for them to examine some of the most successful apps that have existed in the market. They must also check those apps that came before their apps. They also need to check the qualities those apps share.

Are those apps utilizing certain design principles? Or were they implementing some sort of a unique pricing plan?

The great features common across all great mobile apps

Let us now have a look at all those features which are common across all great mobile apps. Numerous mobile app development professionals can add them to their developed apps:

A very low initial pricing point

In most app standards, free apps have become quite the standard. Offering apps for free is a good tactic and companies do that to raise their downloads. This helps them utilize the large user base both iOS and Android have across the world.

The key to an app’s success is offering top-notch value to keep users engaged. Also, incentives for purchasing advanced features within the app (in-app purchases) are good too. Offering the app for free may be illogical but it is one of the best ways of securing users and getting marketing traction. 

Companies that have multiple apps may consider giving one or two apps for free. Even if they give the free ones without ads, they will excite users about their paid products.

UI design which is accessible

All successful apps help users do a lot more through an intuitive, smooth, and neat user interface (UI). Each UI should be designed that way and it is a common factor shared by successful apps.  If an app is effective then users will interact with it positively.

An app having bad UI and UX will fail no matter how good its functionality is or how robust it is. Such an aspect of mobile app development should be given due attention in its development.

In this regard, a graphic design language encompassing unique, clean, and polished user interface elements should be created. It gives a lasting impression in users’ minds whilst making navigation easy for them.

The app is easy to use (user-friendly)

Removing barriers to entry is a key trait of successful apps. However, companies may lose users if their created apps are hard to navigate and will switch to another app. This is a hard bounce (meaning users downloaded an app and then removed it because of problems). 

It means that the app development company’s applications which are dependent on widespread adoption among the public and the target audience, are now in a mess and a problem. 

Hence it is important to test the app with various groups of users. This will help see who likes the app, on which devices, and under various environments. Each UI element should be visible, and the text is straightforward and readable.

Apps should be quick and reliable in terms of performance

Those who used slow-loading apps, or those that crashed, or did not work upon opening, are not worthwhile apps at all. These kinds of apps will be removed by users from their phones. All successful apps are known to have quick response times and can run quite well on most background threads. Each top-notch app requires less than a few seconds to load. 

Poor app performance will result in a negative user experience. This will lead to a sharp reduction in downloads, revenue, and brand perception. Testing and quality assurance are important for mobile apps before releasing them to the market.

Even after the app’s release, companies must always keep on fixing any bugs and errors, and update the app as soon as new versions of operating systems are released.

Analytics and regular updates 

Successful apps evolve with time, to add features, and streamline their functions. Updates help add improved features, check security issues, and improve software reliability. Successful apps have built-in features for recording user feedback and for executing in-app built-in analytics. This is key in tracking downloads, user engagement, retention, and identifying app plus and minus points.


Professionals of the industry of Mobile app development in Dubai explain that these features are no doubt common across all mobile apps, the job and industry are not child’s play. App development is not as easy as fifth-grade math because each thing and process needs to be conducted meticulously.

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