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The History of Bonfire Night and the Best Ways to Celebrate It

by Nathan Zachary
Bonfire Night

Welcome, do you want to celebrate Bonfire Night this year but aren’t sure what it is or why we do? Then it would be my pleasure and honor to assist you in doing so, whether it is having a big or small party or watching the fireworks make a bang there are plenty of options on how to decorate for a bonfire night party but this blog will inform you what Bonfire Night is, how to celebrate it, and the Safety and Importance of being safe during this celebratory night.

What Exactly is Bonfire Night?

Every year on November 5th, many people across the United Kingdom celebrate bonfire night by lighting fireworks, sparklers, and, well, bonfires, hence the name. We celebrate bonfire night to remember the Gunpowder Plot, which was a plan by a man named Guy Fawks to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the year 1605, and many towns and cities in the UK host large firework displays and light large bonfires to remember the occasion, whereas others decide to host smaller.


Once you’ve lit your bonfire, the fun can begin. You can play some games with other people’s guests and family, you can play some music if you know how to play instruments or over the speaker from a CD, you can start to play Hot Potato with the music and whoever is the last one standing wins and receives a prize of your choice, or you can stand in a circle around the tall bonfire at a safe distance and either sing or move clockwise or anticlockwise , iIf you prefer to be more relaxed at the Bonfire celebration, you can sit on a chair with your family or loved one, warming your hands away from the fire, or you can sit on a log and tell stories or get to know/chat with the other people around you, but don’t forget that any party, including a bonfire, is permitted to use party decorations.

How can you stay Safe on Bonfire Night?

Even though bonfire night is a lot of fun, there are a lot of risks and dangers. Some general bonfire night safety tips that are important are that children should be supervised at all times during the night, when setting off fireworks, have only one person set them off to limit the number of potential injuries and at a safe distance away from others, and if there are several people attending a firework display you are hosting, make sure that they are a safe distance away from others.

What Do you need to know about a Fireworks Display?

Many people enjoy watching a fireworks display light up the sky on Bonfire Night, and there is nothing better than seeing a bombardment of bright and amazing colours fill up the black nights sky, but if you are hosting your own fireworks display, make sure they are legal for home or venue use (Not all Fireworks are Legel, the ones that we sell contain CE and BS7114 on the lid, which means that these are Legel to use), before using any Fireworks, When you’ve finished reading the instructions and are ready to light it, point it away from any buildings and people, then light it at arms length and stand far away from it as it explodes in the sky.

We hope you now understand what Bonfire Night is and how to celebrate it safely. Whether you are partying or relaxing, we have all of your party supplies and decorations from fireworks to any balloons, banners, or bunting you want to hang on your house away from the fire.

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