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The importance of understanding Cloud Security for the Public Sector

by Nathan Zachary
Public Sector

We know how important it can be when you’re working on sensitive projects like those dealing directly with our national infrastructure systems.

Despite the move to cloud computing, many government entities are still struggling with cybersecurity challenges that have been long-standing.

The public sector is a unique environment for IT solutions. The need to protect data from becoming compromised or stolen is growing by creating an additional layer of complexity that must be met with high standards in all areas.

Why public sector becomes a target?

Cybercriminals are constantly searching for personal information, which they use to launch attacks against other companies or countries. Hackers are always on the lookout for an opportunity that will give them greater rewards with less work. And, as it turns out government agencies provide just such a motivation.

Modern-day cybercrime exists because there is always someone willing enough to take advantage when it comes down right retrieving assets like your credit card numbers online.

Cyber security is a top priority for governments, businesses, and citizens alike. A number of reasons why the public sector is attacked by hackers are: 

  1. Hackers are always on the lookout for valuable information that they can exchange or sell. This makes governments an attractive target because of their large number and variety of sensitive records.
  1. The government has many different responsibilities and is often at the center of world events. This makes them an attractive target for attack from all sides
  1. State and local governments are at risk of being targeted by hackers. Because they don’t have the funds or resources needed to protect themselves from large-scale attacks.

Considering all this public sector risk is at an all-time high because which importance of cloud security in the public sector is highest.

Importance of Cloud Security for the Public Sector

The importance of cybersecurity has never been higher and with a broad scope, any breach could have devastating consequences.

From law enforcement to planning libraries, local licensing governments involve every aspect of life. Whether it’s sensitive personal data or functionality critical for running essential services like electricity generation plants all held within many systems that are vulnerable if attacked via digital infrastructure.

This is a huge problem. If these key structures are attacked, then it will cause major disruption to their operations until they’re resolved which may indefinitely compromise governance capabilities.

With the ever-changing nature of cybersecurity, state and local governments need a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects in order to ensure societal cohesion. 

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way that businesses run their operations. The increased efficiency and cost reduction are just some of many benefits to an organization when they embrace this technology as part of its infrastructure.

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