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The Important Guidelines for Macaron Packaging in Macaron Boxes

by Nathan Zachary
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All food products, including macarons, need proper safety. Macaron packaging boxes are the number one option when it comes to choosing to package food products. In custom packaging, you can choose the packaging material that suits the products’ nature. However, wise preplanning is required to benefit from the amazing aspect of this kind of packaging.

After reading this article, you will be able to choose and get the best packaging for your macarons. Let’s start!

Choose the Packaging Material for Macaron

Selecting the right packaging material is essential for the better safety of your macarons. The right macaron packaging mainly depends on the nature of the macarons. However, you have unlimited options to choose the paper material for your macaron boxes. 

Kraft, cardboard, and buxboard are the main options to choose from for creating your macaron packaging. Yet, cardboard is the most preferred option by many macarons brands. 

After choosing the right paper material for your packaging, it is equally important to define the media art for your boxes. It is the media art that helps you promote your business.

Define the Designing Art for Custom Macaron Boxes 

Media art includes your logo, and content copy to be printed on your packaging. However, you can also print pictures and stickers to attract people’s attention. You have unlimited packaging options in the custom packaging, but it is important to avoid exaggerating via complex art.

Simply put, you need a logo and a good copy with an attractive design to captivate the attention of people. All you need is to finalize your design or to take the help of packaging designers. Many companies also provide you with free design support for your packaging.

Safety Requirements for Macaron

The safety of any food product is as much essential as the product itself, and macarons are not an exception. So, you will have to take its safety at first hand, before offering it to your beloved ones and customers. Custom macaron boxes can be a wise choice as compared to regular packaging. You get a chance to choose your box’s design and shapes as per the nature of your products.

However, choosing the layers of protection for your macarons is equally important. You can either rely on one layer or can use three to four layers, depending on the conditions. 

Three layers of Protection for Macaron

Food packaging needs complete security, especially when it is shifted or transported from one place to other. Therefore, primary, secondary, and tertiary layers of packaging are introduced. So, it depends on the condition, whether you want to keep them on your store shelf or you want to ship to too far places. 

Here are three common kinds of Protection Layers for Macarons.

  • Primary Packaging

The primary packaging is the first layer of packaging for products. This is the first layer of packaging, which is in direct connection with a product. It is like enveloping a product into an envelope to save it from external damage. This layer of packaging is essential to provide a primary layer of safety from external factors like air, microbes, dust, etc.

  • Secondary Packaging

The secondary layer of packaging provides safety to the primary packaging. It is essential for extra safety especially when you transport your products from one place to other. Secondary packaging is prepared with cardboard or corrugated for food products. Also, you can use these secondary layers for promotional activity.

  • Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging is third layer of protection over the first two layers of packaging. This layer of packaging is important while shipping food products like macarons to too far places. This layer of security is also important for promotion of the brand.

Custom Packaging Boxes for Branding

Packaging plays an essential role in branding a product. You can choose high quality packaging and then print with your branded logo and design to promote your brand. As compared to digital marketing and branding, promotion of macaron with personalized macaron boxes are sustainable way.

In addition, it is easy, free and effective approach to promote your products with packaging. After all, packkaging is essential for all food products including macarons. So, you can benefit from your boxes for both of the purposes at the same time. You can promote your brand and products and can also protect products.

More importantly, these boxes are also affordable to all. You can simply contact any packaging supplier and order macaron packaging wholesale at affordable rates.

Wrapping Up

Custom Packaging boxes are a great source for protecting and promoting macarons simultaneously. You can easily order these boxes from anywhere in the world at affordable rates. We have explained all important aspects of packaging for macarons. You can read and use these concepts for assembling your boxes.

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