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The Top 9 Podcasts Strategies for Business Promotion

by Nathan Zachary

A fantastic way to access new markets and maintain a target audience’s interest over time is to start podcasts. It fosters a sense of belonging and gives customers something to anticipate from a brand. Numerous business opportunities will arise as a result of these connections.

For example, a company that sells marketing software might consider producing a podcast for business owners who want to expand their audience. This podcast would go over various marketing strategies.

A food service provider could produce a podcast with content like shopping advice or recipes. A company can use podcast editing services in a variety of ways and increase sales by coming up with creative podcast ideas. This blog post will examine nine of the most effective podcast marketing strategies.

Innovative Podcast Presentation Techniques for Your Company

Although each episode will have a distinct focus, there must be a strong overarching theme. Here are some original podcasting ideas you can try on your own before looking for podcast creation services.

1.    Podcasts for product reviews

For new businesses, this concept works better as a podcast than it would for a well-known company. In essence, you would look for and evaluate products in the same general industry as your company.

It’s crucial to include information that your audience might not have known. In light of the foregoing, refrain from reviewing goods that directly compete with your brand.

  • Only rate goods or services you have used yourself.
  • Build your review profile by adding reviews for the products you are reviewing on Amazon. As a result, companies will contact you for product reviews.
  • Product reviews can result in partnerships where two companies pool their products to sell.

2.    Podcasts About Trial and Error

Podcasts about trial and error track a person’s journey as they try to achieve a goal or discover a new hobby. It must be something related to your industry in the case of businesses.

Given that it requires other people; this idea will be more difficult to implement. You would record their journey and then talk about its various aspects.

  • Trial and error podcasts can be based on any objectives or pastimes as long as they relate in some way to your sector.
  • Make sure to bring up a topic if it involves using a product from your company.
  • Make sure the podcast has a fun and clever voice. A monotone voice would not be appropriate for this kind of podcast.

3.    Multiple Perspectives

There are always different perspectives on any given subject, so this podcast format will present various viewpoints. Different perspectives are always interesting to audiences.

The underlying principle of this concept can be applied to issues in the same sector as your company. However, there is a ton of room for imagination here. These discussions may also center on speculative events.

  • By presenting various viewpoints, businesses can pique the interest of their audience. A strong feeling of intrigue can increase sales.
  • Despite the fact that one person can read various perspectives on a subject, this format typically works best with at least two podcasters.
  • Avoid talking about anything that has anything to do with rivals.

4.    Discuss A Speculative Situation

Audiences are often intrigued by hypotheticals, and since interest is a strong emotion, it will increase sales. Discuss the numerous speculative situations that surround all industries.

This podcast’s format encourages unconventional thinking. Present your theory and add commentary that the listeners probably wouldn’t expect. This approach is effective because it will spark discussions among your audience.

  • To make the most of this style, make sure to give your audience a forum for discussion.
  • This can be combined with the concept of podcasts featuring various points of view.
  • Keep in mind to be brave and offer unconventional suggestions!

5.    10 Best Lists

Make a list of the goods, services, and other things in your industry. Lists are among the best formats because they frequently spark a lot of interest. Additionally, they may spark discussions among the audience.

Allowing audience members to vote and then using those votes to generate lists is another excellent way to engage them. Alternately, let them pick the list, and then give them the rankings.

  • Describe the submission process and the criteria you use to select topics or rank lists.
  • To increase the audience for each podcast, think about including a written list alongside it.

6.    Podcasts with Advice

Ask questions of the audience, then respond to them. You can borrow these questions from another source because there might not be many questions when the podcast is first released.

The secret is to give sensible responses. A single question or a list of questions may be addressed in each podcast. However, you could incorporate this concept into a larger podcast as a single episode.

  • An established company’s advice is more likely to be respected by customers than a startup’s. Consider that as you develop your concept.
  • Use these inquiries as inspiration for blog posts that will accompany the podcast.
  • Advice-filled podcast episodes perform well on social media. Think about clipping and posting them.

7.    Reuse Current Content

Businesses that already have content should use that as the basis for their podcasts. The majority of the work has already been completed, making the transition to podcast format straightforward. In essence, Podcasts can be made from blog posts, social media posts, and even newsletter content.

Noting that this also functions in reverse is important. To fill gaps, podcasts can be transformed into other forms of content. The ability to repurpose content into various forms is one of the most effective strategies for startup businesses with limited resources.

Keep in mind that the target market will vary depending on the format. So it’s possible that not everyone who reads blogs and listens to podcasts does so.

This is the quickest and least expensive way to start a podcast.

8.    DIY Podcasts

Because so many people want to either learn new skills or simply cannot afford to hire someone to do the work, DIY is a popular market to tap into. So, show them how to do it on their own.

However, this podcast idea works better as a video because it will be challenging to convey instructions through audio alone. Each episode will cover a particular subject and then demonstrate to the audience how to handle it on their own.

DIY podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from how-to manuals to finished online courses.

Although it is possible to charge for these podcasts, it is not advisable for start-up companies.

9.    Spotlighting

This concept can be used to draw attention to the unique qualities of particular goods, books, actors, destinations, and even businesses. You can also use it to make complete podcasts or individual episodes.

The secret is to identify a topic within the same industry as your brand and then go into great detail about it. Identify what makes it special and draw on little-known aspects of it.

It’s acceptable to discuss and highlight aspects of your own company that set it apart. Just remember not to make every podcast about your company.

However, try to avoid highlighting rival businesses because it won’t help anything.

How to Make Outstanding Podcast Videos

It’s time to start working on the podcast’s recording after it has been carefully planned out. A quick guide to starting an entrepreneur podcast is provided here.

Select the Correct Equipment:

You need a decent camera, a top-notch condenser microphone, and internet access.

Get the Tools for Making Podcasts:

Software for recording and editing is required. Find the top app for making podcasts. One of the most used ones is Audacity.

Utilizing a microphone:

The majority of novices make mistakes here. You must decide on a tone and maintain it. Keep your distance from the microphone constant as well.

Audio editing:

Editing is a further area where many newcomers fail. For the best possible podcast, think about using your editing services.

Make your podcast public:

You must upload your podcast to a platform so that you can link it to well-known podcast hosts from there.

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