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Things To Remember Before Partnering With An SEO Agency

by Nathan Zachary
Seo Agency

Over the past five years, Search Engine Optimization has significantly grown in popularity. Billions of consumers look to search engines for answers every day, and digital advertising is a sure way to reach them. It is more trackable than traditional advertising, making it more affordable and appealing to businesses even with a limited annual budget. With so many SEO firms popping up daily, how do you decide the best way to spend your money? Well, we have the answers. Learn just how to choose the right agency for your targeted needs. 

  • Agency Location

Do you really need an agent in the same city as you? Well, the answer is no. However, many companies do prefer it. What are the advantages of hiring a local agency?

Local firms understand what locals want. They know the area and unique verbiage one may search in your region that corporate or out-of-town companies would not even consider. Secondly, a local SEO firm is also a better option if you sell a product exclusively to an area like skis or organic food. Lastly, most agencies will offer your website weekly or monthly performance reviews. Many clients prefer to put a face to a name. Local SEO firms will offer in-person, sit-down meetings and more through evaluations. If things like this are important to you, then so is the agency’s location.

  • Client List

Credibility matters because these firms are online, after all. Here’s the thing, Search Engine Optimization agencies can function anywhere, and many of their employees are remote workers. One element that will make an agency stand out is their client list. You should be able to find case studies and logos of the most important client on their homepage or at an easy access point on their menu. If you cannot find this, chances are you want to keep shopping because you will not want to be represented by an SEO company like this.

  • Years of Service

The truth is, many online companies come and go. Search Engine Optimization firms rely on a strong client base, so if their clients disappear, so do they. Check if their websites state how long they have been in business. Also, check if they cover all SEO services like RSS Submission, Article Submission service and Directory Submission service along with N no of other services. Remember, SEO is still a new form of digital advertising, as a result, many of them will not be in business for 20 years. Aim for agencies that have been around for 5 to 10 years.

  • Agency Size

Size will always matter, and the ratio is even more important. For example, it is okay to go with a small firm of ten employees if they only have 50 clients, but if they take on too many clients without enough support, they aren’t doing a great job. You should feel like your questions are being answered, and you firm can account for how many weekly hours they put into your campaign. We suggest hiring an SEO company with around 20 staff members.

  • Evaluation

There are two types of evaluations that are important: your preliminary assessment and your weekly evaluation. Your preliminary evaluation will spell out issues and suggestions for your projected campaign. This should include a website performance review, suggested keywords, strengths, weaknesses, website red flags, and more. Most firms will do this for free since it helps them better understand what you should be paying for your services rendered. An SEO agency that you land your selection on, should be transparent and should be able to guide you in the right direction. This is exactly what you want!

The secondary evaluation will be your weekly report. As previously discussed, this does not need to be an in-person meeting, but you should be receiving a weekly report. You should be properly educated on how to read it, and it should present proven results along with future goals.

  • Price List

So how much will your SEO services cost? Well, your preliminary evaluation will be what determines that. Monthly plans will range from $300 to numbers in the thousands. This rate will also vary depending on whether you only want a Search Engine Optimization focus, or whether or you wish to also add Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click Advertising) into the mix. Also, if you build a new website, that will add a few thousand to your initial starter cost. You must communicate your company’s size and your monthly budget as soon as you speak with your SEO firm. This way they will know which employees they need to pull for your first meeting, and you will not be disappointed.

Remember, as the demand for SEO rises, the number of companies offering these services will also rise. Sometimes there will be a process of trial and error, but these six steps are sure to help you make a wise first decision. We make Top-Rated Blogger Outreach Services strategy & campaign that helps you grow your business. We find you the way to real bloggers whom are appreciated & have a great influence on the public.

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