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Top 6 Benefits of Using Social Media Aggregator

by Nathan Zachary
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Social media is becoming the soul food for marketing, especially after the mark of active monthly social media users has crossed over 3.8 billion. And we all are very well aware that content is the essence of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Bringing new features & functionalities every now and then, social media platforms are evolving constantly and there’s no surprise why the number of users is rising day by day.

These platforms offer endless purposes for all scales of businesses and brands globally, which is why more and more brands are collecting and publishing social media content on their website or any other channel.

But you can’t do it on your own. Here come the best social media aggregator tools like Idukki, which helps brands to leverage the benefits of social media content on their various marketing channels.

In this blog, you’ll get to know about the social media aggregator and its benefits for businesses.


Defined as “A software that collects & curates feeds in real-time from all the social media networks in a single feed and then embed or display them on a single platform like websites, digital screens, signages, etc.”

Whether it is images or videos, a good social media aggregator tool is capable in aggregating social media content. This content can be further customized and published as social media feeds.

But before this, you must know the benefits of social media aggregator tools for businesses and brands.


1. Help in Time- Saving & Cost-Cutting

One of the most crucial functions of a business i.e. Marketing needs creativity and creativity takes time. This is why social media aggregator seems to be of great help for businesses. You must be thinking how?

Well, a social media aggregator saves the time that you invest in finding & creating creative content manually.

2. Help in Online Community & Audience Engagement

Regardless of what industry you belong to, you’ll need a social media aggregator to increase community and audience engagement for your brand.

The best way through which brands are able to achieve this is by encouraging customers to use their unique hashtags to create and share content on social media platforms.

Also, brands can create a buzz by featuring the customer’s content on the Social Wall of their website. This way, brands can interact with their audience effectively.

These user-generated content can be aggregated with the help of social media aggregators to drive traffic, increase audience engagement, improve brand awareness, build relationships with the customers, and more.

3. Help You Stay a Notch Higher Amongst Your Competitors

Giving edge over your competitors, social media aggregators find out what is best suitable for your brand & what’s trending in your industry.

If simply put, social media aggregators keep your marketing game a notch higher by helping you determine the success factors.

4. Helps in Boosting Sales

Solving the trust issues of customers, brands have started leveraging the powerful social media testimonials and user-generated content on their website, event, etc.

Especially, social media e-commerce which comprises shoppable posts has become a powerful approach for sales generation. And taking advantage of this opportunity, social media aggregators aggregate, curate & display UGC for the brands.

This eventually gets the attention of the customers and affect their buying decision. So, brands can boost their sales with the help of social media aggregators.

5. Helps in Curating Quality Content

The quality of content reflects your brand, so choosing the best aggregator tool that is capable of curating all sorts of social media feeds authentically becomes quite important.

Necessarily not every social media aggregator tool can aggregate content from almost all the social media networks. So, moderating the social media feeds to filter out the inappropriate & irrelevant content to maintain it’s quality.

And if you’ll analyze, the best quality content gets more clicks and reach target audience more effectively.

6. Help in Tracking the Feed’s Performance

The task of brands is not restricted to curating & displaying social media feeds only. But to think out of the box, which is why social media aggregator tools are the best as brands can use these tools to monitor their feeds.

In this digital era, you can also see what’s resonating well with audiences as well as how you can avoid making the same mistakes always.


Take help from social media aggregator tools like Idukki to turn your failure into your success. This amazing tool has a pool of features to offer like Customization, a Moderation Panel, Insightful Analytics, Custom CSS, and many more.

In fact, Idukki also has a User-Generated Content Rights Management feature that helps brands to take permission from the original content creator to repurpose their content.

Leverage all the aforementioned benefits through this tool and boost your brand awareness, increase sales & return on investment, amplify your audience engagement, and more.

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