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Top 6 Best-Selling Children’s Nighttime Story Books

by Nathan Zachary
Top 6 Best-Selling Children's Nighttime Story Books

Parents need to focus on making their children’s bedtime story reading a daily routine. This way, you’ll be encouraging them to read books that have myriad benefits in enhancing their imagination and creativity, brain development, and much more. Unfortunately, though, there are only so many times you can bear to read the same short bedtime stories for kids repeatedly. As helpful as rereading these books together, having multiple collections of these fascinating bedtime stories will help your kid expand their horizons. Let’s not forget it will also save your sanity. But the question is, what books are the best bedtime stories for kids? This blog post presents the list of the top 6 children’s short bedtime stories:

The Bedtime Guardians: Bernard the Bedroom Guardian

By Danial Morley

The Bedtime Guardians is a kid’s amazing book series and bedtime stories to read online that’ll help your young ones learn how to overcome their likely dark fears when they are off to bed. The series features charming stuffed teddy bears equipped with a reliable flashlight. The Guardians go on watch at night and learn how to overcome their night fears with many different coping strategies.

Join Bernard, the friendly and cute Bedroom Guardian, as he embarks on his nightly guard to check on the bedroom. He learns that even if noises and scary can seem frightening, they aren’t something to be afraid of after all. This book will help your children handle their fears of the unknown.

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn’s Birthday

By Rhiannon Fielding

 Young readers will adore this wonderful tale before going to bed, full of presents, balloons, and birthday fun and excitement (and a lively unicorn and her friends). It’s Twinkle the unicorn’s birthday, and she’s having an amazing sleepover bash! There are presents, fun party games, balloons, cake, and fireworks! But as Twinkle’s father starts the countdown of her bedtime, a lot still is going on… will Twinkle and her buddies go to sleep in time?

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Fairy

By Rhiannon Fielding

Poppy the fairy aspires if only she could fly high just as her friends, but one thing stands in the way – her wings are pretty small! So when Poppy spots a lost gnome far from his clearing, she becomes determined to use her wings and get him on safe ground. But can this tiny fairy fly to the rescue and make it on time before bedtime? This tale is intertwined with an adventurous journey from a lively start to a gentle ending with a delightful and pleasing story that is perfect for your young readers and will help them settle down when going to bed.

Goodnight Moon

By Margaret Wise Brown

This charming bedtime story has calmed every young reader to sleep and is the perfect bedtime book to share with your kids before they go to bed. The story features a great green room of a small bunny tucked up cozily and safely in bed and getting ready to say warm goodnight to all the acquainted things in his room. Margaret Wise Brown’s soothing, lyrical text complemented by the warmth of Clement Hurd’s timeless mid-century artworks make Goodnight Moon a classic picture book that is popular worldwide. It is now printed with a stunningly bright orange Pantone ink to evoke the magic of the 1947 original; Goodnight Moon is undoubtedly the perfect christening or birthday gift.

Peace at Last

By Jill Murphy

With a snorting Mrs. Bear, a passionate Baby Bear, and a house full of beating and ticking and dripping, peaceful sleep is hard to come by – will Mr. Bear ever get a calming night’s sleep? The acquainted noises, repetition, and attractive illustrations make Jill Murphy’s wonderful Peace at Last a best-selling bedtime story for kids.

The Girl and the Dinosaur

By Hollie Hughes

Marianne is usually seen scavenging on the beach in a small town by the shoreline. But she is not seen playing with other children of her age. Instead, Marianne is all alone and digging to find dinosaur bones and build her own special friend. Then, one usual night, before going to sleep, she wishes with all her heart that her dinosaur friend might come to life… This is an exceptional and fascinating book where the pictures and words embark you on a magical journey far beyond the page.

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