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Top 8 Common HP Printer Errors And Their Solutions

by Nathan Zachary
Top 8 Common HP Printer Errors And Their Solutions

Is it possible to live without printing devices for even one day? It’s impossible to imagine it. Printers are essential for office documents, school projects, and other important tasks. What if your printer suddenly malfunctions? And what if the code is cryptic HP Printer Errors?

Perhaps you are wondering how to fix the problem or how to make it right. It won’t be a problem. We have listed the nine most frequent yet dreaded HP printer problems you need to be aware of. These errors can appear anytime, causing trouble or stopping you from printing. We are here!

Here’s a list of HP Printer Errors along with their solutions

Below is a comprehensive list of errors and the steps to fix them. Scroll down to find the one that is causing you trouble.


Your printer communicates with your computer to send printouts and take orders. In the event of trouble, the printer will display error code 49. This problem will cause your printer to be in a loop. The system will frequently instruct you to restart, but error 49 will return. The error can be fixed by following these simple steps.

Clear the Print Queues. Before you do this, save the files.

A factory reset or cold reset is another way to fix error 49.

Reinstall the printer drivers via the HP Support website. You can download the driver’s section and then install them.

However, the error code 49 could still be a problem. It could be the fault of your printer hardware. Get it checked by printer specialists.


This one is quite nasty. This happens when you print but has nothing to do with the printer. It is a sign that your computer’s hardware has a problem. While other issues can be fixed with simple steps, error code 303 is best dealt with by an expert. This error code 303 requires you back up your computer data and replace your hard drive as quickly as possible.


Sometimes you may notice that your HP printer is perfectly connected to the power outlet, but it still shows printer not activated error code 30. It could be that the printer driver is not up-to-date or needs reinstallation.

You can visit the HP support site to resolve the issue and download the latest drivers. You must go to the Control Panel section to reinstall the entire driver package. Next, locate your HP printer and then uninstall the driver package.

Also, look for other HP printer driver traces and delete them from your computer. Once you are done with reinstalling the printer, disconnect it from your computer and reconnect it to get answer for how to reset hp printer.


Error 79 is caused by corrupted print jobs and out-of-date printer drivers. You can update the HP printer software if you experience similar problems. After you have installed the printer drivers, restart the system. If you still get the error code 79, check the Print Queues to clean out any pending print jobs.

ERROR CODE: 0X6100004A

Your printer could experience paper jamming, low ink cartridge issues or printer failures. The error message 0x6100004a appears on the screen. You should remove the jammed paper and reinstall ink cartridges whenever the problem occurs. Then, perform a hard reset. After you have completed these steps, your printer will return to high-performance mode.


Your printer will run smoothly if you have enough ink. If your printer has problems, you will see the error code 0xc19a0013. This error can be fixed by simply unplugging your cartridge and reinstalling it in your printer. This will allow you to align the printer cartridges correctly.

If the error code 0xc19a0013 persists, it may be because of low ink or a blocked nozzle. To clean the nozzle, use a damp cloth or a cleaning solution. You should also check to make sure that cartridges are not full. In some cases, we have had to replace the entire printhead assembly to correct the error 0xc19a0013.


Alphanumeric error codes like 0xc19a00005 can be generated by printers that require service or ink cartridge problems. This error can be fixed by resetting your printer, ink cartridge installation, or having your printer serviced. These are the steps you need to take to fix the problem of HP Printer Errors as well hp m575 error 59.00.f0.


  • The printer should be disconnected from the power source.
  • Turn off the power cord, and wait for 60 seconds.
  • Check the wiring again to see if any errors have been corrected.


  • Remove the ink cartridges.
  • Turn on your printer and then disconnect the cable.
  • Give it a moment, then reconnect the cable.
  • Turn on your printer.
  • Reinstall the ink cartridges into their respective slots.
  • Printing is easy and trouble-free.


This indicates the problem with the paper tray or the paper sensor. You should verify that there is no paper jam or paper stuck to the complex printer components.

Remove the jammed paper from the cartridge access door. After removing the jammed paper, turn off the printer. Next, pull out all cables and press the power button. Contact a printer expert immediately if you see the error 02 still appearing.


Either your printer doesn’t have a cartridge, or you didn’t install it correctly. Check the printer for a toner cartridge. If it is present, remove it and reinstall it. If the problem persists, you can replace the cartridge with a new one or contact the printer experts.

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Select the error code you encounter while using the HP printer and then refer to this guide for troubleshooting instructions. Bookmark this blog for quick access, so you don’t waste time looking for the error fix guide. Have any questions? Get prompt assistance from our experts at 123.hp.com/setup to resolve your questions for HP Printer Errors.

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