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Types of T-Shirts That Are Essential in Every Man’s Closet

by Nathan Zachary
Polo T-Shirts

Every man has the desire to look great even in their regular t-shirts. These are the most comfortable and convenient wear available in men’s closets. There’s no second thought when it is about a collection of t-shirts. As it is so commonly available, men get more confused about which pieces are must-haves. If you are someone who is still struggling to understand different types of t-shirts then this guide will surely help you out. 

Types of men’s t-shirts

Basically, t-shirts can be majorly classified into two categories: on the basis of neck styles and on the basis of sleeve types. Before selecting a particular type of t-shirt, you need to consider both these categories and choose the one that aligns with your taste and interest. However, there can be other types of t-shirts as well on the basis of colour, cut, and fit. In this blog, we shall discuss the first two categories in detail. 

On the basis of neck styles

1. Polo T-shirts: Among different types of t-shirts, polo t-shirts are the best as they can be worn on almost all types of occasions. Whether you want to get ready for sports activities or any other casual occasion, polo t-shirts are the perfect pick. A perfect size polo neck t-shirt for men enables you to highlight your body outline and appear stylish. You can pair them with any type of lowers such as trousers, denim, or shorts. 

2. U-Neck T-shirts: Another neck style of t-shirt that is commonly found is the u-neck t-shirt. Before you opt for these t-shirts make sure to have a clean-shaven chest. This neck style exposes more skin and hence it makes you appear more stylish. Commonly, u-neck t-shirts are also known as scoop neck t-shirts which are available both in striped and bold colours. Pick the one that goes well with your look from any online clothing store for men.  

3. V Neck T-shirt: When it is about neck styles then V neck t-shirts are the most versatile ones. The best part of these neck style t-shirts is that they can be worn on every type of casual occasion and in all season types. Just remember to layer it with trendy coats or blazers in the winter for a cool, dashing look. Although all types of bottom wear can be paired with these t-shirts yet trousers are the most suitable pick. 

4. Henley Neck T-shirts: Basically, henley neck t-shirts are those neck styles of t-shirts that are a blend of polo and regular t-shirts. With a henley t-shirt, any man can instantly redesign their overall look. These types of t-shirts may not have any particular neckline but have buttons in front that make them appear even more classy. You can opt for both long and short sleeve t-shirts and style them in a unique way. 

5. Round Neck T-shirts: For a long time men have styled in round neck t-shirts. It is like everyone’s favourite and is a must-have in every men’s closet. The best thing about round neck t-shirts is their versatility. In one place it can be worn as daily wear whereas at the other place it can be worn even as party wear. Just pair it with your favourite set of trousers or jeans and you are all set to go.

6. Hooded Neck T-shirts: These days hooded neck t-shirts are quite popular, especially among young men. Whether you want to obtain a semi-formal look or a casual look a hooded t-shirt will offer you a stylish appearance in both cases. Opt for bold colour hooded neck t-shirts from online clothing stores for men for a formal look whereas for a cool appearance opt for graphics printed designs. 

On the basis of Sleeve styles

1. Half sleeve t-shirts:  One of the favourite styles of t-shirts for men is the half sleeve t-shirt. Most men already have a collection of half sleeve t-shirts in their wardrobe. It is a t-shirt that can be worn daily because of its comfort. These days they are available in various designs, patterns, and prints. Many men prefer striped or checked t-shirts in half sleeves. So, choose either bold colour or printed half sleeves t-shirts to style in a cool look. 

2. Long sleeve t-shirts: Long sleeves t-shirts are those types of t-shirts that has all the features of a t-shirt yet functions like a shirt. In winter or monsoon season long sleeves t-shirts are the best pick. If you want to style in a cool look then pair bold colour long sleeves t-shirts with trousers of your choice and complete your outfit. These t-shirts are among the must-have t-shirts in every men’s closet. 

3. Sleeveless T-shirts: Definitely, sleeveless t-shirts also come under the category of sleeve types of t-shirts. Mostly, these t-shirts have deep necks and the straps have different widths. You can prefer the width size according to your taste. Both thin straps, as well as thick straps that cover your shoulders, are available in an online clothing store for men. 

4. Cap Sleeves T-shirts: These are those pieces of t-shirts that are rarely available in a men’s closet. However, if you are someone who wants to add a funky twist to your regular look then opt for these t-shirt types. Cap sleeves extend to some distance over the shoulder although it doesn’t cover the arm. This offers a cap-like structure in your sleeves. Create a completely different yet funky look with cap sleeves t-shirts. 

These are some of the types of t-shirts on the basis of neck styles and sleeve types. Many more types of t-shirts are available on the basis of colours, fits, and designs. Some men prefer plain t-shirts while some prefer striped and checked t-shirts. Whatever your preference may be, choose the one that aligns with your look and also imparts comfort. While choosing t-shirts of any type consider checking the fabric quality. Whatever t-shirts you have in your wardrobe, pair them with appropriate bottom wear and style confidently. 

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