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Using Pillow Box Mailers wholesale to Establish Your Brand

by Nathan Zachary
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Companies and consumers used to be less picky about the packaging their items came in. They only cared that the stuff inside made it there safely and was as advertised. But now it’s a different story. Ignoring the visual appeal of one’s Pillow Box Mailers wholesale is a huge mistake for any business.

Online shopping has many advantages, but many consumers still want more personalised service. They expect everything, down to the plain brown boxes their purchases arrive in, to be remarkable.

There is a lot of leeway for personalization with Pillow Box Mailers wholesale. You may still impress your consumers even if your business is in its infancy. Mailer boxes are used for sending products and promoting brand recognition by businesses of all sizes, from online boutiques like Etsy to those with established brick-and-mortar locations.

You can do a lot of different things using mailer boxes. You’re free to: Think of a creative way to showcase your company’s identity.

Use your brand’s colors, logo, and tagline.

Consistency in branding across all of your marketing platforms is essential. Consider the logo’s font and the colour scheme you’ve implemented on your website. You want the mailer box to serve as a visual representation of your brand, so that when people see it they think of you.

In the Age of Unboxing Videos and Social Media

Unboxing videos are just one type of project that can significantly increase your brand’s worth by leveraging the power of social media in today’s marketing mix.

If you think no one is observing you as you open a package, you’re mistaken. You might be shocked at how many unboxing videos can be found with even a quick search on YouTube. For some reason, watching these videos repeatedly becomes hypnotic and popular.

What do viewers of an unboxing video often notice first? The box, of course! You shouldn’t skimp on the design of your mailer box and miss out on making a good first impression.

With 28 million and nearly 18 million subscribers, respectively, Ryan’s World and Unbox Therapy are two of the most popular unboxing channels on YouTube. Unbelievable number of viewers for someone else’s box-opening ceremony.

People watch these channels not just to see the things themselves revealed for the first time, but also because of the anticipation generated by seeing the various layers of packaging removed.

Yes, the box itself may make or break your product’s chances of being noticed by customers (or influencers). The aesthetic quality of a personalized mailer can increase the perceived worth of your products and improve the overall consumer experience.

Things to Search for When Purchasing a Pillow Box Mailers wholesale

Now that we know that mailer boxes are important for branding, we can discuss their components. You should expect nothing less than excellence from your boxes.

When shopping for Pillow Box Mailers wholesale, keep these items in mind:

Marks on Paper

Strong construction is essential for mailer boxes because of its primary function. That’s why most of the time these boxes are composed of corrugated material. Depending on your needs and final output, you must select the appropriate manufacturing paper.

For mailing boxes, the following grades of paper are frequently used:

Paperboard with a Kraft finish

Standard brown corrugated envelopes. Affordably rustic and all-natural, Kraft cardboard is a great choice. Depending on the quality of the box, between 60 and 100 percent of the material can be recycled corrugated paper.

White corrugated cardboard that has not been coated

White corrugated mailer boxes are favoured by some. This option has a tidier appearance, allowing for more vivid graphics. It’s also possible to get a premium appearance with white corrugated packaging boxes.

Cardboard with a clay coating

The corrugated cardboard used in this type of container has a glossy, easy-to-clean surface. Because of its higher price tag, it is best suited for high-end labels.

Boxes made of corrugated cardboard can vary in thickness. Prioritize the items you intend to mail. Would you say it’s light weight? Fragile? The next step is to settle on the flute thickness you’ll require.Box mailers commonly employ 1/16″ E-flute and 1/8″ B-flute.

You may put a fancy or casual spin on any box shape by changing the accessories inside. Not even having a lot of money to work with is an excuse to be dull. The power of a simple brown box imprinted with your logo should not be underestimated.

The cost of customizing Pillow Box Mailers wholesale is so low that it can be justified even on a shoestring budget. You can get bespoke stickers made with your company’s emblem, or you can order a hand stamp. Making your boxes unique and consistent with your brand is essential.

Substantive Endings

There needs to be a simple method for assembling and closing each of these containers. Mailer boxes, as opposed to ordinary shipping boxes, include a tab-locking mechanism instead of packaging tape.

You can find dust flaps built into the design of some shipping boxes to further reduce the likelihood of dirt and debris getting inside. Choose a box with a tear strip if you’re worried about tampering. Tape or hot melt glue can be used to further ensure that the box stays closed throughout sending.

Having It Printed

When your personalised mailer box finally reaches your customer, you want it to make a

spectacular first impression. Which is why you should make sure your text and images are as sharp as possible. Images with unintentional blurring are not allowed.

It all comes down to the quality of the printing method you choose for your images. You have a lot of possibilities, and you should think about your timeline, budget, desired quality, and whether or not you will be using the Pillow Box Mailers for shipping or retail packaging.

You probably already know that different colours can be used to set the mood for a product or boost brand recognition, so it’s important to know how these colours are printed on boxes.

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