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Utilizing Online Video to Expand Your Video Production Business

by Nathan Zachary

For budding video production companies, the market for online video has the potential to be enormous. A consistent supply of content is necessary for media companies, broadcast organizations, and digital publishers as they continually look for new ways to gain significant market share. Online videos can be your potential entry point for producing content that will help your business and your bottom line in their quest to attract larger audiences and potential revenue.

Review the Market

You need to be aware of the paying customers if you want to make money with online video. Some of these are no surprise; even your grandmother is familiar with YouTube. Actually, that’s a good place to start. It’s simple to upload videos to YouTube and establish your own channel, and it’s even simpler to start earning money from your videos by allowing advertising. One warning, though: in order to generate sizable profits, you’ll need a lot of views. Additionally, there is a ton of competition already.

Working with Vimeo is a different mass-market strategy. Along with the ability to monetize through advertising, Vimeo also provides a VOD (Video On Demand) platform that enables you to sell your content directly. If you’re interested in creating your own web series, Vimeo is a great platform with high-quality viewing experiences.

Think Outside of The Big Two

Let’s face it: In the world of online video, YouTube and Vimeo are the 800-pound gorillas. Though don’t restrict yourself. Online video publishing sites that offer opportunities for monetizing your content are constantly being launched. Publishers like pivotshare.com, gumroad.com, and many others are active in this rapidly changing environment.

Make It Simple To Find Your Videos

How will viewers find your work, assuming it’s posted? Your goal is simple: keep viewers interested and increase video views.

SEO is key to attracting visitors (SEO). Search engines will prioritize your content if you play this game right. Some SEO tips:

  • Create titles that highlight your video’s themes.
  • Use tags that match audience search terms.
  • Include keywords and tags in video descriptions.
  • Closed captioning transcript. This is optional, but it supports your tags and keywords.
  • Improve social media content

Social media users often share videos. Social media can help you increase viewership and maintain relevancy. Follow these tips to boost your social media presence:

  • Focus on multiple networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all appeal to different demographics and audiences.
  • Post consistently throughout the day to appeal to a variety of audiences.
  • Target each network. Users’ interests vary.
  • Allow video sharing.
  • Link your website in every post.
  • Use the analytical tools to determine your most effective posts.
  • Create content that sells itself.

Know your audience to create engaging content. For example, Analyze trending topics and interests by visiting related websites. This will help you tailor your video to your audience. Try different content strategies. Say you review electronic accessories. Individual product reviews or side-by-side comparisons? Try not to make the same video over and over.

The Heart of Good Video Content Is Story

Some criticize the consumption of videos as a sign that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Even if your content is brief, however, good video production demands a keen understanding of story and narrative. Without a strong narrative foundation, viewers will easily lose interest and move on to the next piece of content. You must create videos that captivate and maintain your viewers’ attention if you want to be truly successful at building and maintaining an audience (and their revenue).

Always keep your target audience in mind when creating content, whether they are a returning viewer who is already familiar with your work or a new viewer who has just found you. Make sure you give them both an incentive to return!

Video Is Important, And It Will Only Get More Important

Online video consumption growth rates are rising and don’t appear to be slowing down. For the foreseeable future, the video will continue to consume an expanding percentage of internet traffic. As more and more people turn to video for entertainment, education, and enlightenment, this opens up huge opportunities for businesses that produce video. There is no reason why you cannot take a piece of the pie if you play your cards correctly.

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