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A Complete Manual for Producing Outstanding Explainer Videos

by Nathan Zachary
Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have grown to be one of the most popular marketing trends, and for good reason. They stand for everything a customer would want from a brand. Explainer videos meet the expectations of the public that a brand will take care of all of its problems.

Approximately 65% of people, according to a study, are visual learners. That explains why companies are prepared to make such sizable investments in video marketing. But the reality is that when the same information can be explained in an engaging 5-minute video, consumers don’t have time to read through thousands of words of text.

Finally, explainer videos can be viewed anywhere and at any time by anyone with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Customers can therefore access videos while they are waiting in line or in a waiting area for an appointment.

Explainer Video Types and Whom Most Need Them

Because they can be so successful, explainer videos are starting to take up a significant portion of a brand’s budget. A reputable business understands how crucial it is to be part of a team that can produce top-notch animation and compelling scripts. But let’s look at some of the various explainer video types and what kinds of businesses benefit from them before we go too far into this.

• Videos with 2D Character Animation

Because they don’t cost a fortune to produce, these videos are helpful for companies of all sizes.

• Videos with 2D infographic animation

Due to its simplicity and low cost, this type of video is typically used by small businesses. Infographics are also widely used today.

• Videos with Whiteboard Animation

These videos show sequential whiteboard drawings that have been drawn. They are only employed when it is necessary to convey information or ideas that must be illustrated by hand.

• Videos of live action

This explainer video, as the title suggests, features a real person. Due to the high budget requirements, it is typically only used by large businesses.

• Videos of screencasts

Because you’re recording your screen as you use the product, this is used to demonstrate software. These types of videos to explain various features are almost always necessary if you are selling software.

You can make a list of the explainer videos you want to incorporate into your marketing strategy now that you are aware of the various types available.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Making an Effective Explainer Video

We’ll go over some of the basic procedures for making an explainer video. Regardless of the type of video you select, some specifics may vary, but these key points will always be followed.

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Learn as much as you can about your target audience to start. This will work because you should have a thorough customer profile that is used for all of your company’s marketing. You can produce videos that appeal to them if you have this profile. Discovering their problems will help you better understand your target audience. Your videos should focus on finding solutions to these issues. Each video will typically address a particular problem.

Step 2: Prepare A Script

This is the point at which each type of video will diverge. The script will be written with your goal in mind, but you’ll also need to choose the kind of video you want to make. There will be a script for each of the following inquiries:

  • How does your offering help the market it is intended for?
  • Exactly what problem does it solve?
  • What is required of the audience to begin?
  • How does it alleviate their problem?

Create dialogue for any voice-overs after answering those questions, then outline the steps you’ll be guiding the audience through.

Step 3: Prepare A Storyboard Based On Your Script

You can’t just doodle a few images and call it finished. A comprehensive storyboard that features graphics for each video step is required. Show the storyboard to people before you start producing your video and listen to their feedback. I can assure you that if it has no effect on them, it won’t have any effect on your audience either.

You’ll need to include the following in your storyboard:

  • Shots List
  • Cuts
  • Storyboard Template (will be different depending on the type of video)
  • Dates
  • Props List

Step 4: Create the video

Once more, the specific procedure will vary depending on the type of video you are producing. If it’s an animation, you should start making those right away. Shoot those scenes if it’s live-action. Additionally, screencasts must be made.

The most intimidating aspect of making explainer videos is this. There is no requirement for excessively intricate images or angles. Simply get to the point so that customers can learn how to use your products effectively.

Step 5: Include A Soundtrack, Voiceover, And Music

The use of background music, however, must be done flawlessly to add emotion to the video. Set the volume so that it is hardly audible. Explainer videos without background noise are awkward to watch.

You should also add any necessary voiceovers at this point. You will be recording all audio for animations at this stage. The video will have a much greater impact on viewers if you have a strong voice. You can do this on your own, but make sure to buy a good microphone. Never attempt to record audio using the built-in microphone on your phone or computer.

Step 6: Edit The Video

Now that you have finished filming your entire video, all that’s left to do is put it all together in an edit. There are many tools that can be useful in this situation, but Camtasia is probably the best option for beginners.

You must time the voiceovers and the animations in animation videos. Additionally, make sure that the voice-overs are not distracted by the background music.

You render your video after which you double-check it. Verify that everything was assembled properly.

Consult an Expert in Explainer Videos

In addition to the time, effort, and involvement that go into every marketing campaign, there are costs involved. Only when all of these factors are combined in the proper ratio will the marketing goal be met with the anticipated results. In light of this, Visionary Web Studios (VWS) is happy to assist you in producing the desired explainer videos if it is a high-value campaign or one that you don’t want to risk failing. With more than ten years of experience in video editing, storyboarding, and animation, VWS has offered businesses in various industries expert explainer video editing services. For a free quote or to speak with one of our internal experts, get in touch with us.

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