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Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2022 || Top 5 Raiders

by Nathan Zachary
Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2022 || Top 5 Raiders

The first of the nine legs of the Pro Kabaddi League’s season nine has just come to a close, and the competition is beginning to heat up. The first leg, consisting of 41 matches played at the Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium in Bengaluru, produced several impressive raids and presented all Kabaddi enthusiasts with several great raiders. After the first part of the competition has closed, here is a look at the top five raiders.

About Vivo Pro Kabaddi

Mashal Sports Pvt. Ltd. and Disney Star have collaborated to create a revolutionary project called Vivo Pro Kabaddi. Since its start in 2014, The League has been responsible for significant innovations that have completely transformed the sport of Kabaddi, elevating it to the level of an aspirational sport for players and spectators. The Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) and participating members of the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) and the Asian Kabaddi Federation (AKF) have been instrumental in the league’s significant expansion throughout the previous seasons.

Vivo Pro Kabaddi

The fifth season of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi league saw the inclusion of four new teams, making it India’s most prominent sports league in terms of both the number of teams and the geographical coverage of the league’s participants. Adding new teams like the Gujarat Giants, the Haryana Steelers, the Tamil Thalaivas, and the Uttar Pradesh Yoddha made the competition much more complicated and the Kabaddi far more fascinating.

Naveen Kumar- Dabang Delhi

The good raider from Dabang Delhi, known as the Naveen Express, has stood up to the expectations set by his moniker, expediently earning points. Naveen has amassed 91 points throughout the seven encounters thanks to the successful completion of 76 raids. Additionally, he has made a Super 10 in every game that he has participated in.

Naveen Kumar

Rakesh- Gujarat Giants

Coach Ram Mehar Singh has uncovered a hidden gem in the form of Rakesh Kumar, who was unknown in the team’s history. Additionally, Rakesh participated in the previous season with the Gujarat Giants. This time around, though, in the presence of team captain Chanran Ranjit, this raider has racked up 91 points in seven encounters, including six Super 10s to his credit. Moreover, he scored the same number of points as Naveen Kumar despite having fewer successful raids (70).


Bharat- Bengaluru Bulls

Benki Bharat, who plays for the Bengaluru Bulls, is another outstanding discovery of the season. The name Randhir Singh Shehrawat is synonymous with the production of excellent raiders. Bharat has taken the leadership of the raiding as he has been able to produce so far despite the responsibility. Because of his tall and slim build, the player for the Bulls has managed to rack up 73 raid points throughout seven games live sports betting. He has completed 60 raids without failure and has received four Super 10s.

Bharat Hooda

Arjun Deshwal- Jaipur Pink Panthers

Arjun Deshwal, who has been one of the most expensive players in the league for the Jaipur Pink Panthers over the last two seasons, has been an essential part of the team’s success. To this point, he has contributed 72 raid points earned during 63 successful raids over seven different games of sports betting in india. In addition to that, he has a total of four Super 10s.

Arjun Deshwal

Aslam Inamdar- Puneri Paltan

Aslam Inamdar comes in last on the list, but he should be noticed. It has become clear that he is pivotal to Puneri Paltan’s success. Throughout this season, Inamdar has come to the rescue of Pune several times with his game-winning or match-saving raids. To this point, Inamdar has played seven matches and has racked up 58 successful charges and 70 raid points for himself. Additionally, he has been awarded three Super 10s in the past.

Aslam Inamdar


The sport of Kabaddi has entered a new era as a result of the collaborative efforts of Mashal Sports and Disney Star, which have been directed toward the goal of bringing it up to the level of competitiveness found in other sports on an international scale by introducing novel and exciting changes to the game’s rules as well as the way it is viewed.

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