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Watch Out for These Emerging Technologies in 2020

by Nathan Zachary

If you happen to be a tech geek then you will be familiar with the relentless pace at which new technologies are emerging. The pace at which technology is evolving is also raising consumer expectations at a faster rate.

It seems like yesterday when I was going all gaga over the best Spectrum deals for new customers and now the world is already looking forward to using 5G.

Apart from 5G, here are all the emerging technologies that will rule by 2020.

Internet of Things

The term ‘Internet of Things has been around for quite some time now. However, it did not gain popularity until recently. For all those wondering, the Internet of Things will be the next big thing when it comes to home automation. You can consider IoT as an ecosystem with physical objects involved. These include appliances, vehicles, equipment, devices, and many other things.

IoT is a way to create smart homes. Individuals can control the equipment and devices in their houses through the Internet. No human interaction is needed. Many households are already making use of IoT through smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. IoT will be a dominant technology in 2020. According to a report, a whopping $6 trillion is believed to be invested in IoT solutions in the coming years


One can never be sure about cryptocurrency. There was a time when very few people were aware of this digital currency. Then the world saw the year 2018 when individuals who had mined Bitcoin ended up becoming millionaires and billionaires. The currency again took a dip with the prices falling by great folds. And as I write this blog, cryptocurrency will be a ruling technology in 2020.

For those of you who are not aware of cryptocurrency as yet, here’s a little explanation for you. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that individuals can use as a token of exchange. However, it is not easy to mine and own cryptocurrency. The currency has already revolutionized the financial world. In case you want to invest, there are plenty of coins available in the market. Some of the famous cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Many companies and brands are now offering cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. And researchers are predicting that it will grow in market size in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a rather fascinating concept. Although it is an old concept the world was not familiar with it until the year 2010 or 2011. What was once a hardly known technology is now a sought-after one. Prominent companies and brands are incorporating AI in their operations. You can think of AI as a computer that can program itself without any human assistance. The precision with which AI can carry out the operations is commendable.

Prominent companies including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are employing the use of AI to eliminate human error. Hence, enabling the customer to have a hassle-free experience as well. An example of how AI is changing the way companies operate is Amazon Go. It is a cashier-less retail store. And the company plans to open 3000 such stores by the year 2021.


Automation is not a single technology type but a whole concept. With the introduction of individual technologies like big data, robotics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, there will be a time when everything will be automated. Many industries including software companies and banks are already making use of various automation technologies.

Autonomous Driving

Tesla will not be the only company promoting driverless cars. Autonomous driving will be a prominent concept in 2020. Although Elon Musk introduced his version of a fully automated car, it met a couple of accidents. This means that there still is room for many improvements. Not only will cars performing functions like lane changing and automated braking be common in the upcoming vehicles, but you will also observe other automated features. These include automated security checks and entertainment functions.

Apart from cars, trucks and ships will become autonomous as well. This means some major changes in legislation, laws and the social attitudes of the regulatory authorities are forthcoming.

Predictive Medicine

Technologies are also transforming the healthcare sector. All thanks to wearable devices like smartwatches that enable us to monitor the various aspects of our health. Hence, enabling us to predict the issues before the symptoms begin to show. This also means that the medication will become more personalized for each individual. A concept known as precision medicine will be very common in the coming years.

It seems like the coming year has a lot to promise to people in terms of comfort and ease. I am rather excited about all the advancements. It will be a thrilling and joyful experience. I now prefer paying my Spectrum bill through the Internet ditching the Spectrum pay bill by phone option. The reason? I can order Alexa to do that for me. Yes, I am an adult, and technology still gets me all excited.

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