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What are content pillars?

by Nathan Zachary
content pillars

Learn how to use one of the top SEO techniques in your content.

Do you produce content for the internet? If so, then you’ve probably had headaches because of social media algorithms or search engines that don’t seem to deliver your material to the public. Some people make the mistake of paying websites, platforms and networks to deliver content, but this is not the best way to get an audience. That’s because the website will understand that only by paying that you will have engagement and, on the day you don’t pay, your engagement will drop.

One way to maintain good engagement and still be able to reach new audiences is to invest in organic traffic. There is no payment for websites, search engines or any type of advertising, it is only necessary to have techniques that must be applied to your content that are in accordance with digital algorithms. On the other hand, it is important to understand that websites and social networks have different algorithms. The Facebook algorithm is not the same as Twitter, which is not the same as Instagram.

The same logic should be applied to websites and search engines. Google’s algorithm has no similarities with the algorithms of social networks, so if you usually work with social networks and want to invest in a website or if you have a website and want to invest in social networks, you need to learn how to deal with different algorithms. In this text, we will help you in this mission. Let’s start with the content pillars.

Building content pillars

Think of content as a building. You need to have a strong foundation and pillars that support the entire structure. The basis will depend on your type of audience, so think about the people you want to talk to, ask yourself if your content is aimed at young or older people, men or women. It is important to have a target audience in mind. If you have a lot of options open, this can create confusion when creating content. In the beginning, it is good to invest your time in conquering a certain type of group.

After the base, we need to keep people interested in your content who will determine these are the pillars that we are putting together from this imaginary building. The pillars are the trickiest part. It is crucial to maintain good engagement and to conquer new audiences because, after the base, you can expand and want to talk to other types of people.

Content pillar techniques

Now that you’ve thought about organizing your content and audience, we can build the pillars. A good way to structure the content is to separate it into topics. A good example is this text, that was divided into topics for organization and reading, so you can get your bearings and, if you need to consult this ceiling again, you won’t need to read everything. You need to go only on the topic that interests you the most.

If you are producing content with the help of a sponsor, then you need to know that people don’t like to feel pressured to buy something. They will only buy if the product is interesting, so before trying to make a sale, try to link the product to some kind of useful information. It is interesting to use newspaper articles or surveys to give more veracity.

Another tip is to be constant in creating content, set aside a few hours of your day to produce and then set aside more time to publish. For example, try to produce content every Monday morning and post it three days a week in the afternoon. Having a schedule and respecting it is the best way to build a digital image because the algorithm will understand that you are present.

Have you ever used these techniques? If not, then we invite you to test it on your content. Be constant and patient: the internet changes but public demand does not.

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