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Four ways you are helping end period poverty

by Nathan Zachary
Four ways you are helping end period poverty

Around the world, many girls living in poverty fear menstruation because of the devastating impact it can have on girls’ futures, safety and well-being. Please help us to end period poverty today. You can support this worthy cause in 4 ways:

  1. Homemade sanitary pads
  2. Big Sister mentoring
  3. Access to products at school
  4. Theatre performances

1.    Homemade sanitary pads

“One of the main reasons girls drop out of school is menstruation,” explain research “Girls cannot go to school while menstruating because proper cleaning or sanitation facilities are not available, and they have limited access to menstrual supplies such as sanitary pads.”

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Sister training has been a lifeline for girls who want to continue their studies. “From a menstrual hygiene standpoint, COVID has created a big problem. Girls don’t have access to menstrual products because those who can afford it have hoarded them. So our Big Sister volunteers help train girls in social distancing and Provides support to make reusable pads that make a great effect in helping to end period poverty

2.    Big sister mentoring

“The most positive thing that happened was definitely Big Sisters,” “They have a close bond with the little sister and her family.”

“The stigma of menstruation is ingrained in some parts of Nepali society. For example, girls are quarantined for about seven days, not allowed to sit with their families for meals, or even to see male family members. Most of them miss their classes during their periods.”

“Big sisters know every good and bad thing that happens to girls, so if anything goes wrong or bad, she can intervene immediately, especially for girls and families.”

3.    Access to products at school

“One of the biggest achievements so far is that we now have sanitary pads in schools. So no girl gets left behind during her period or has to miss school. It’s a number one,” explains Priyanka.

The installation of sanitary pad dispensing machines in schools is a major development in rural Nepal. Offering products sends a positive message to girls that schools, communities and municipalities are all committed to fighting discrimination.

By working closely within communities and advocating for girls’ rights over time, programs such as Sisters for Sisters are effective at helping girls gain quick, affordable, and independent access to hygiene products when they need them.

4.    Theatre performances

Girls who face the stigma of their period can feel isolated in their own homes, leading to low self-esteem.

Priyanka explained that the interactive drama performances and workshops hosted by the VSO give girls the confidence to find their voices, advocate for their menstrual health and rights, access services and take control of their lives.

“Theatre can be street theatre, a form in which they act or act out the real story of the community,” she told us. “Big Sister volunteers play a lot of drama about menstrual taboos and chhaupadi in the community. Which helps raise awareness and change people’s mindsets and help the girl to fight with period poverty.”

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