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What are human rights?

by Nathan Zachary

Human rights are norms that recognize and protect the dignity of all human beings. These rights govern how individuals live in society and relate to each other, as well as their relationships with the State and the State’s obligations towards them.

Human rights laws require governments to do certain things and prevent them from doing others. People also have responsibilities; just as they assert their rights, they must respect the rights of others. No government, group or individual person has the right to carry out any act that violates the rights of others.

Human rights defined

Albeit a few word references characterize the word right as “an honor”, when utilized with regards to “common freedoms”, we are looking at something more essential.

Each individual has specific crucial privileges, essentially by ideals of being a person. They are designated “common freedoms” instead of an honor (which can be removed at somebody’s impulse).

They are “privileges” since they are things that you are permitted to be, do, or have. These privileges exist to safeguard you against individuals who need to mischief or hurt you. They additionally exist to assist us with coexisting with one another and live in harmony.

Many individuals know something about their privileges. They by and large realize that they reserve the privilege to food and a protected spot to remain. They realize they reserve an option to be paid for the work they do. Be that as it may, there are numerous different freedoms.

At the point when common liberties are not notable by individuals, misuses, for example, separation, prejudice, foul play, abuse and subjugation can emerge.

Rising up out of the monstrosities and colossal death toll during World War II, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights was endorsed in 1948 to give a typical comprehension of the freedoms of all. These structures the reason for a world based on opportunity, equity and harmony.

Universality and inalienability

Human rights are universal and inalienable. In all parts of the world, all people have a right to them. No one can voluntarily waive their rights. And no one can take them away from someone else.


Human rights are indivisible. Whether civil, political, economic, social or cultural, they are inherent to the dignity of all people. Therefore, they all share the same status as rights. There are no “small” rights. There are no hierarchies in human rights.

Interdependence and interrelationship

The fulfillment of one right often depends, in whole or in part, on the fulfillment of other rights. For example, the effective exercise of the right to health may depend on the effective exercise of the right to education or information.

Equality and non-discrimination

All people are equal as human beings and by virtue of their intrinsic dignity. All persons are entitled to the enjoyment of their human rights, without any discrimination based on race, color, gender, ethnic origin, age, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, disability, economic position , circumstances of their birth or other conditions that explain the bodies created under human rights treaties.

Participation and inclusion

All individuals and all peoples have the right to contribute, enjoy and participate actively and freely in civil, political, economic, social and cultural development, through which human rights and fundamental freedoms can be realized.

Accountability and Rule of Law

States and other duty bearers must respect the legal norms and principles enshrined in human rights instruments. When they do not do so, rights holders who have been harmed have the right to initiate proceedings before a competent court or other judicial instance, seeking appropriate redress, and in accordance with the rules and procedures provided by law.


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