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What Are the Newest Cybersecurity Technologies for Your Business?

by Nathan Zachary

Do you find it depressing that cybercrimes are becoming more serious by the day? Unfortunately, it is the case. Technically speaking, cybercrime masterminds are frequently just as skilled as their cyber security counterparts! As a result, the environment of cybercrimes is continually changing and outsmarting current cyber security solutions. Does that mean we are done fighting cyber threats? No, greater awareness and use of cutting-edge cyber security technology are the solution. This article lists the five most recent cyber security innovations that you should be cautious of.

The new threat that terrorizes nations is cybercrime

Physical terrorism continues to be the primary issue for countries around the world in terms of national security. But times are quickly changing—and not in a good way! Despite how terrifying it may sound, the US has determined that cyber attacks pose a bigger threat to the nation than terrorism. And one can only imagine how vulnerable small enterprises and impoverished countries are to cyberattacks when one of the world’s most powerful nations voices similar worries!

The importance of using the most recent cybersecurity technologies

In the past few years, cyber attacks have generated a lot of discussion. Does that imply that there were never any cybercrimes in the past? In fact, they did! Just that it didn’t have a huge, drastic impact. The current wave of cyberattacks, including WannaCry and NotPetya, brought the issue of cybercrimes back into the spotlight.

It is more important than ever to identify risks and use advanced cyber security techniques to combat them.

The best new cybersecurity techniques

With more advanced tools accessible to hack systems and networks, cyberwar continues to flare up. Critical infrastructures like healthcare, water systems, and electricity grids have been attacked frequently. Ransomware and virus attacks on commercial networks have grown, but on a smaller scale.

To strengthen cyber security, it is sense to continuously identify and embrace new technology. The following is a list of the most advanced cyber security technologies.

Deep learning and artificial intelligence

These days, artificial intelligence is a very popular term. Ever pondered how AI might be used in cyber security? The application does, in fact, function somewhat similarly to two-factor authentication.

In order to verify a user’s identity, two-factor authentication uses two to three separate parameters. They are aware of, possess, and are subject to the parameters. That’s where AI enters the picture, along with additional levels of information and authentication. To identify threats or suspicious activity, deep learning is being used to evaluate data from logs, transactions, and real-time interactions.

Behavioral analytics

One is well aware of the usage of data mining for behavior analysis due to the Facebook Data Breach controversy. This method is frequently used to target social media and internet ads to the appropriate group of people. Fascinatingly, behavior analytics is being investigated more and more in the development of sophisticated cyber security systems.

By identifying trends in system and network activity, behavioral analytics can assist identify prospective and live cyberthreats

Hardware embedded authentication

A PIN and password no longer provide 100% security for hardware. Embedded authenticators are one of the newer technologies being used to verify a user’s identity.

The sixth-generation vPro Chips from Intel represent a noteworthy development in this area. These reliable user authentication chips are built right into the device. These employ various levels and techniques of authentication working together in an effort to revolutionize “authentication security.”

Blockchain cybersecurity

One of the newest cyber security technologies that is gaining popularity is blockchain security. The blockchain technology operates on the assumption that the two parties to a transaction can be identified. Similar to how blockchain technology operates, peer-to-peer networks are the foundation of blockchain cyber security.

Each participant in a blockchain is in charge of confirming the accuracy of the data added. Blockchains are also our greatest option right now to protect data from a compromise since they build a network that is almost impossible for hackers to breach. Therefore, combining blockchain technology with AI can provide a strong verification system to fend off any cyber attacks.

Bot management

Using CAPTCHA and JavaScript detection techniques, Bot Management helps you to reduce unwanted bot traffic from your site while allowing known published bot providers to get around these measures.

Most site traffic is generated by non-human traffic. Bot Manager is made to identify and reroute non-human traffic that could obstruct website functioning. Content and price scraping, vulnerability scanning, comment spam, brute force assaults, and application-layer DDoS attacks are all reduced by the Bot Manager’s functionality. Knowing how bots affect your business and comprehending their intentions can help you better control all bot activity. Bot management is the process of doing this.

Zero-trust model

This cyber security approach is predicated on the idea that a network has already been hacked, as the name suggests. One would certainly need to strengthen both “internal” and “external” security if they don’t trust the network.

The key point is that both internal and external networks need equal protection because they can both be compromised. It includes identifying the data that is business-critical, mapping the flow of that data, logical and physical segmentation, and automation and ongoing monitoring to enforce policies and controls.

IFF Lab, incognito forensic foundation: Forerunners in cyber security

A private forensics lab in Bangalore is called Incognito Forensic Foundation (IFF Lab). It specializes in providing digital and cyber forensics services and solutions and is outfitted with the most up-to-date digital forensics instruments. Furthermore, IFF Lab has carved out a market for itself by providing cutting-edge cyber security solutions to public and private sector institutions. IFF Lab is supported by a group of cyber intelligence specialists and has extensive expertise in the specific fields requiring security from potential threats.

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