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What Exactly Are Citizen Developers, Though?

by Nathan Zachary

With the intention of allowing non-technical workers to create and deploy automations on a local level, robotic process automation (RPA) software is touted as being low-to-no code. A citizen developer is a government employee who has been given permission to use robotic process automation (RPA) software to design and create apps for personal or organizational use. In a federal agency, the CIO office and RPA teams must work together to build governance to make sure that RPA is used in a safe, secure, and effective way across the organization. This will help the agency develop its citizens. Here are some suggestions for making citizen development a priority at your government agency:

Invest In Your Staff’s Development

If people in the workforce are promoted and trained to become citizen developers, the chances of the effort being successful go up by a large amount. In general, there are a few characteristics that each and every perfect applicant has in common with one another. These people should have a strong understanding of technology, a strong understanding of business processes and workflows, and a never-ending drive and excitement to add the essential competencies to their skill set.

In any RPA endeavor, careful allocation of development licenses is required due to the significant cost associated with these licenses. Even though many people may first profess interest in citizen development, its possible that they will put off actually implementing the abilities that they have acquired. It is essential for programs to identify individuals who have a long-term motivation in order to prevent the inefficient use of licenses.

Fix The Broken Government

The administration of our people and the protection of our computerized systems should be a top priority. Businesses have the ability to ensure that all governance and security best practices are followed by guaranteeing that certain rules and procedures for the development of automation are widely disseminated. We can get the benefits of crowdsourcing without putting the security of the system at risk by putting in place strict code-review processes and working in separate rooms.

Making The Most Of Your Current Network And Background

Because it requires little to no coding, robotic process automation (RPA) makes it possible for anybody to build, implement, and manage automations. There are typically a significant number of employees working for a company who already have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop automation. Businesses can spend a lot less time and money on training employees if they encourage people who are good with technology to work with professional developers. Aspiring citizen coders can learn the essential safety standards and best practices for developing automations by networking with chief information officer offices and IT divisions.

Get The Backing Of Upper Management.

When it comes to managing and planning multi-agency initiatives, it is typically more effective to work from the top down rather than the bottom up. Gaining early support from the leadership in an organization makes it easier to speed up the adoption of citizen developers within that organization. Having the support of upperlevel management for a citizen developer project will also make it easier to get money for employee training and growth.

Measure ROI With Both Monetary And Intangible Gains

It is typical practice to only consider the quantitative aspects of the return on investment when analyzing an investment opportunity. When deciding whether or not to use citizen developers in a company, it is also important to think about the many qualitative benefits. RPA could be used by more people if, for example, more people got training in automation development so they could learn about its basics. As a bonus, training helps with opportunity identification by allowing frontline workers to recognize business activities that could benefit from automation in the future.

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