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What Is A Dash Cam? And How It Will Benefit You?

by Nathan Zachary
Dash Cam

What is Dash Cam?

A dash cam is an image-capturing device which functions as a ‘silent witness’ in case you are involved in any absurd incident. The compact nature of the device makes it easy to fit on a dashboard, and a simple operating mechanism makes it easy to use as well. In a nutshell, a dash cam is a third eye, which records everything in front of you when you go out for a drive.

How does a Car Dash Cam Work?

Dash cameras are usually mounted on the front windscreen mounted in such a position that they can capture everything that is happening ahead of your car. They are connected to automatically start recording once you have turned on the car’s ignition. The device is designed so that it does not need to be switched on manually.

Dash cams have been the best solution to make sure you see everything that happens around you. It is available at a very low price in India, you can check one of the best car dashboard camera price. The recorded video files are stored on an SD card, and depending on the size of the card, you need to delete the old files. Some dash cams even come with internal storage. But if a dash cam has a loop-recording feature, it automatically deletes the old files and makes storage space for the new files so that there are no chances of you missing out on any recordings.

Dash cams are equipped with a wide-angle lens, which captures the full width of the road and the surroundings. So, no matter if it’s on the side of the road or in the middle of the road, everything is captured. Some dash cams even have dual-lens (camera inside) which capture the interior of the car. Apart from that, dash cams come with a GPS tracker which logs the speed of the car and the exact location. This will be helpful when you get involved in an accident

Benefits of Using a Dash Cam:

Below are the benefits of using a car dashboard camera:

Dash cams can be used for a wide range of purposes, and are available at varying price points. Most importantly, you will have the evidence of any incident so you can help solve complex problems in the future.

Road rage is a common sight in India. Road rage can turn ugly in no time. With a dash cam, you will have the video proof to confront or take action against the offender. This way, you can avoid unnecessary road rage

Dashboard cameras provide excellent video quality for a quick and easy way to identify reckless drivers. When parked, the camera is mounted on your windshield or dashboard and records whatever’s in front of it. This means you can identify aggressive/rash drivers at any time, without having to stop or leave your car!

The police are known for harassing people who might have committed a small mistake. With a dash cam on board, you will have a video recording of the situation and can easily defend yourself against any false allegations by the police.

A dash cam starts recording as soon as you turn on the ignition. So, you will have the recordings of every drive, and in case/if you come across any incidents, the video proof might come in handy to you as well as other road users. You can then use the footage to claim compensation or provide evidence to prove your case.

Dashboard Camera is the most effective way to capture life’s moments. You can capture unforgettable incidents on Indian roads with this high-quality dashboard camera. You can post these videos on various social media platforms, or even make copies of the video for yourself in case you lose your original copy.

Unlike older dashcams, the latest dashboard cameras have high-resolution monitor displays and have the ability to mount on the front windshield of a vehicle. You can monitor the driving behaviour of your young drivers via dash cam. Moreover, the latest dashboard cameras can live stream the feed to your smartphone, and you can evaluate their driving style.

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