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What is an OCR?

by Nathan Zachary
What is an OCR?

OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition. Optical character recognition is capable of reading text from PDFs and images. Currently, OCR platforms such as AlgoDocs take advantage of the improvements in AI and deep learning. Also, OCR platforms such as AlgoDocs became a faster and most effective way to get data out of PDFs and images.

Who can benefit from using the OCR platform?

OCR data-extracting platform can be used by individuals in our daily life and is more frequently used by companies, no matter how big or small it is. Such a platform can convert frozen data (uneditable data) that existed in PDFs and Images into edited data.

AlgoDocs OCR platform helps almost every business, such as:

  • Financial institutions like banks
  • Any customer-centric firm
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Medical professionals
  • and more

Also, AlgoDocs can extract from any scanned file such as:

  • Handwriting text
  • Invoices
  • Research papers
  • Tax documents
  • Payroll data
  • Contact details
  • Client data
  • Legal filings
  • Financial investments
  • Many others

In general, AlgoDocs is a powerful web-based AI Platform for Data Extraction developed using the latest technologies. Extract specific fields or tables from PDFs & image files. Export extracted data to Excel or many other integrations, such as accounting software.

AlgoDocs has an advanced AI-powered OCR engine that can handle even low-quality scanned images with as low dpi as 75. Consider the following scanned documents (Figure1) and the tables extracted by AlgoDocs(Figure2).

Figure1. Sample of low-quality (black&white) scanned image.
Figure2. The extracted table from the scanned image, shown in Figure1, using AlgoDocs.

AlgoDocs offers a forever free subscription plan  with 50 pages per month. You may check  AlgoDocs pricing for paid subscriptions based on your document processing requirements.

Benefits of the AlgoDocs platform

It makes your documents accessible.

Most of the time, you can’t change the text in PDFs and other digital files such as images. Because you can’t move or change the frozen text, the search takes longer and isn’t as useful. This Image to text platform converts unchangeable text into accessible text. You can copy and paste this text for various uses as well as examine it. 

It makes editing easier.

Businesses are always changing and getting better. Changes can’t be stopped. Every part of your business needs to be adaptable enough to handle these changes. AlgoDocs OCR platform makes it easier for you to make changes. You may now simply make changes to your documents, which were before inflexible in PDF files. The PDFs can’t be edited without OCR platform. When making changes, you don’t create a new document. OCR tool lets you edit exactly the sections that require it.

It prevents errors.

It is human nature to make mistakes, and it is impossible to avoid doing so especially when performing hard task such as manual data extraction. This is why it is essential to have documents that can be edited. Also, you need error-checking platform to help you catch any errors in your writing. OCR technology used in AlgoDocs platform makes it easy to fix human errors.

It saves money and time.

The paperwork at your company can be minimized with the help of AlgoDocs. Some companies still use old methods, like keeping documents on paper. AlgoDocs saves time and money over manually entering data. You can easily extract data from PDF and images with the help of this platform.

It boosts productivity.

The AlgoDocs platform increases productivity by making it easier and faster to find the information you need. Your PC or server has editable, visible, easily accessible data. You shouldn’t waste your staff’s time by making them look through file cabinets for hours. Get them to focus their efforts on something useful for the office.

Export data into frequently used platforms and formats.

Users should be able to export the extracted data to multiple frequently used applications, like Excel and many other integrations, such as accounting software, in various formats, i.e. Excel, JSON, or XML. This allows businesses to access meaningful information quicker and saves a lot of time.

Real-time extraction.

Having real-time and up-to-date data is essential for firms. If not, businesses can make bad decisions, or there will be delays in responding and taking action. Thus, a data extraction program should be capable of extracting real-time data with the help of automated workflows. For instance, to analyze the present inventory levels for input material, businesses need real-time extraction of information like items sold, order ID, quantity, and amount from their supplier invoices. AlgoDocs can be considered extremely fast where for example, it can process 20 pages per second.


PDF files are important, but the biggest problem is that you can’t edit them. This is why AlgoDocs is so important. The proper tool is always necessary for data extraction from PDF and images. This platform has a dependable and accurate OCR engine to detect text in images and PDFs. So you can get data quickly and effectively.

The Advanced Algorithms used by the AlgoDocs program make this a simple task. AlgoDocs is clearly among the best text extraction tools due to its simplicity of usage. If you’re looking for a PDF and image to text extraction solution that goes above and beyond. We highly recommend AlgoDocs platform.

What are you waiting for??,try AlgoDocs free subscription plan, it is forever with 50 pages per month. 

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