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5 Solid Colors To Pick When Buying Formal Shirts For Men

by Nathan Zachary

Finding the ideal formal shirts for men might be trickier than you might think, regardless of whether you are shopping for yourself or for another person. To get the fit just perfect, you have to pay attention to a number of little details, such as the collar, the cuffs, and the cut of the body.

Because the right formal shirts for men have the potential to lend personality and individuality to what is otherwise functional office attire, great deliberation is recommended before making a purchase in this category. We are going to take you through the many solid colours that you should search for, regardless of whether you want formal shirts for men to wear to the workplace or simply something to spruce up your weekend style.

1.White Shirt

The colour of men’s dress shirts offers the greatest degree of versatility due to the fact that it may be used with virtually any other hue imaginable. It is versatile enough to be worn either formally or in a more relaxed setting. The white shirt serves as the most appealing colour when it comes to formal shirts for men, regardless of whether it is worn with men’s jeans, trousers, chinos, or even a formal suit. This is because the white shirt looks good with any bottoms. Simply seeing yourself wearing a navy suit as well as a spotless white shirt can cause a smile to appear on your face almost immediately.

Here are a few solid-colour formal shirts for men that you must have.

2.Light Blue Shirt

If the person wearing the white shirt is Batman, then the one wearing the plain light blue shirt must be Robin. Light blue is an excellently adaptable colour, and including it in your shirt is a great approach to inject some colour. Nevertheless, when you are in a more formal atmosphere, you must stick to lighter colours, including sky blue or baby blue, as well as avoid darker colours of blue.

A light blue formal shirt for men shirt would actually look good when coupled with a navy blue suit. Although it can be worn with a navy tie, a light blue shirt will indeed pop when accessorized with a tie in a bolder colour, such as red, burgundy, or perhaps even orange and brown. In spite of this, it will look just as spectacular with such charcoal or medium grey suits, and it’ll demonstrate that you are capable of colour coordination as well as that you’ve put some effort into your appearance. To put it another way, it appears that you have made an effort to improve your appearance.

3.Pink Shirt

At first glance, a pink dress shirt may not appear to be something that would be acceptable to wear in most professional environments. On the other hand, the professionalism is astounding. Depending on the way you style it, it can give the impression of either being really traditional or rather fun. And in the same way that formal shirts for men with blue colour may lighten the look of a black suit and make it more informal and playful, a light pink dress shirt can accomplish the same thing. You’ll find that there are countless possible tie combinations that you can wear with a light pink dress shirt.

4.Yellow Shirt

Yellow is a very common colour, and men who have a dark skin complexion may not look their best when they wear an extremely bright shade of yellow. They would look best in a yellow that is not too brilliant, while males who have a lighter skin tone are better able to pull off yellows that are both brighter and deeper.

5.The Oxford Blue Shirt

The Oxford shirt is a style that may be worn both formally and in a more relaxed setting. It is easily recognizable by the collar that fastens with buttons and the slightly more substantial fabric. It is possible to wear it with or without a suit because it is so adaptable when worn as a shirt. White, light blue, or patterns that are extremely light and small are good places to start when you’re trying to achieve the best possible colour coordination.

You will need to spend some time getting familiar with your colour profile in order to properly ace your selection among formal mens shirts. There are three primary profiles, which are referred to as cool, warm, as well as neutral, respectively. Examining the veins on your arm is the quickest and easiest approach to finding out which one you are. If the colour of your veins appears to be green, then perhaps the undertones of your skin are warm.


 If your veins look more blue or purple, this indicates that you have cold or neutral undertones. To ensure that you receive accurate findings from the test, you should do it outside where there is natural daylight. Hope you got some useful insights that will come in handy when you’ll buy formal shirts for men.

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