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What is the Total Level in OSR?

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What is the Total Level in OSR?

The total level in osrs varies depending on the player’s tier, but it can be safely estimated that you’ll hit your figurative limit somewhere between a grand and an eyeball or two. It is also not uncommon to hear of players who have spent a small fortune on virtual goods in order to reach the coveted top echelons of their respective classes. The one thing to remember is that while ol’ RuneScape is one of the most fun games to play, it’s not for everyone. The best way to enjoy the game is to find your own tribe. Those with similar interests are more likely to be rewarded with a good time.

Using a calculator to figure out your total level is the first step. The next is to figure out the most effective ways to obtain it.

What is osrs level calculator and how to use it for real?

OSRS Level Calculator is a very large database containing hundreds of millions of players. osrs has an impressive track record for innovation and transparency. osrs is an exemplary example of a community that has embraced its best and brightest. osrs is home to a large and diversified talent pool, with an impressive array of esports and competitive events and leagues. osrs is also home to an award winning staff of dedicated administrators and support staff who are ready, willing and able to help players of all levels and persuasions achieve their goals. osrs is also a remarkably safe and secure enclave.

Quickest and Hardest Skill to Get 99 in OSRS

What are the quickest and hardest skills to get 99 in OSRS?

There are a lot of different skills to level in Runescape, and the most difficult ones can take a long time to reach. It’s important to know which skills are the fastest and most tedious so you can plan out your training strategy for each skill.

Getting Level 1 to 99 in OSRS takes around 2300 hours for average players, and 1700 hours for elites. This is a conservative estimate, as it accounts for making money, buying supplies, and all the other things that can happen.

The Hardest Skill to Get 99 in OSRS

The most dreaded skill to level in OSRS is Runecrafting, and it’s easy to see why! Unlike other skills that can be AFKed and done while watching TV or working, the click-intensive nature of Runecrafting means it’s an exhausting, long process.

Woodcutting is another slow and dreaded skill that’s also one of the most popular. The click-intensive nature of this skill makes it an extremely AFK-friendly way to get experience, but it can be exhausting and it’s best done on a daily basis if you want the most effective results.

Making a Sulpherous Fertilizer

If you’re looking for an easy way to level this skill quickly, you should try making sulpherous fertiliser. This is unlocked once you’ve reached 5% in the skill and you can do this by combining compost and saltpetre (which can be purchased on the Grand Exchange).

Gaining Favor at Houses

Locking in favor at any of the five houses in Great Kourend is a key part of unlocking many rewards from them, so it’s worth spending some time on this. You can gain favor through combat, or by talking to the architect of a particular house.


Thieving is a mid-level skill, and it’s best trained alongside other skills. It’s a bit of a pain to train, but it’s worth the effort as it’ll help you earn more money for your efforts in other skills.

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