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When to Use SMS Marketing vs. Social Media

by Nathan Zachary
When to Use SMS Marketing vs. Social Media

When it comes to connecting with clients when they are on the road, mobile marketing is essential. Social media marketing and SMS (Short Message Service) are important components of every company’s digital marketing plan. Both offer a variety of benefits and may be adjusted to improve practically any advertising or consumer outreach strategy. 

Are there times when one channel gives a higher return on the investment of your time and marketing expenditures given that smartphone users have access to both SMS gateway and social media? Let’s investigate. 

What is social media marketing when texting? 

Social media and SMS gateway are two distinct channels that are part of inbound and conversational marketing. Although they operate in various ways, they have the same goal: by providing your brand a personality and a voice that your consumers can relate to, you can build one-on-one interactions with your customers.

Social media marketing may be defined as “the use of social media platforms to engage with your audience to promote your brand, generate sales, and drive website traffic,” in broad terms. When people think about SMM, they typically think of websites like Twitter and Instagram rather than SMS messages. However, such distinctions are getting fuzzier as SMS messaging incorporates more and more functions from well-known social networking apps like IG stories and GIFs.

What then constitutes the limit? One reason is because social networking programmes are utilised on a variety of gadgets, including computers, tablets, phones, and even gaming consoles. Only mobile devices can send SMS gateway.

The scale of them also varies. Social media has a large user base that is accessible to the public by nature. However, SMS texting is only used for private communications inside small groups or between people.

Social Media vs. SMS Marketing: Advantages

Since SMM has been the industry benchmark for connecting companies with consumers in the digital era for so long, it is now what most non-experts envision when they hear the word “digital marketing.” 

It could be more effective to concentrate on what social media marketing and SMS marketing are for and how they help your brand rather than getting too caught up in what they are and aren’t. 

Social Media Marketing’s Advantages 

SMM was once just used to increase website traffic, but it is now utilised for a wide variety of marketing efforts. Including lead generation, consumer research, brand recognition, and thought leadership.

Client Research 

Being active on social media provides you access to both a venue for sharing information and potent analytics tools that may help you identify your ideal client. 

You may see things from your customer’s point of view and learn more about who they are and what drives them with the help of tools like Facebook Audience Insights, and to a lesser extent Twitter and LinkedIn analytics.

Competitor Research 

Analyzing competitors is an essential component of every well-planned marketing campaign: analysing the tactics of your rivals to see what made them effective. 

For this, social media is fantastic. Your rivals most likely have a presence on at least one platform. Which provides you a chance to examine their messaging and use this knowledge to your own objectives.

Produce leads 

In the end, social media platforms were developed to generate revenue for businesses. They serve that purpose. 

Since most social apps include native advertising features. You can utilize them to boost your content marketing efforts. Start gaining email subscribers, and drive traffic to your website — or, to put it another way, put fuel in the tank to get the engine going.

The advantages of SMS marketing 

Since social media marketing is still a young sector, marketers are always learning more about it and how it functions. Because SMS gateway has been around longer, more individuals are familiar with its best practices.

Get Older Customer Groups’ Attention 

Many individuals get by quite well without social media, and not everyone utilises it. The Cambridge Analytica data breach incident and the premiere of Netflix’s The Social Dilemma were both followed by a surge of account cancellations. But practically everyone has a mobile phone these days; it would be difficult to function in the current world without one. 

Older generations frequently find new technology difficult. but since mobile devices have been around since the dawn of the internet era, older folks like baby boomers and the silent generation have had more time to get used to them. When they do use social media, they tend to favour more established sites like Facebook.


SMS marketing is significantly easier to customize than social media since it is Direct and Immediate. Instead of categorising your customers as a category and tailoring your message to them, use conversational texting. 

With an SMS marketing campaign, it is also much simpler to provide positive KPIs; on average, firms employing Emotive enjoy a 23x ROI from their SMS campaigns.


Social media is more extensive. SMS is more specific. You need both, thus it doesn’t matter which one you need more of. It all depends on how well you are utilising each of them.

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