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Why do professors give intentionally difficult exams?

by Nathan Zachary

We all experience those teachers who give incredibly hard exams. You study 2+2 in lectures but get exam questions like 84×95. It makes no sense right? We all end up questioning why teachers do that after all. On one hand, teach complete basics and then test us with such difficult questions. It is something most students want to know.

These difficult exams cost us our grades. Hence why we wish teachers would not do that. However, we also wish to understand why teachers give such hard exams that too intentionally. It’s not believable in all cases to say that a teacher simply does not know that an exam is hard.

So, let’s try and understand what can be the possible reasons that professors make difficult exams

Why Do Professors Give Intentionally Difficult Exams?

  • Test The Potential Of Students

Teachers often make difficult exams because they want to test the potential of their students. By giving a hard exam, students can show their capabilities. Testing the potential of students means understanding their mental capacity.

A hard exam can also show you the very same about yourself. As a student when you face a difficult exam, it makes you think. You would ask yourself whether the difficult exam was the outcome of poor studying. It can also be that you found the exam hard because it is a subject that is not of your interest.

Experiencing a difficult exam can show you your own potential. It will help you understand your interest and strengths. According to this, you can then make better academic and career decisions in the future. Although I also agree, that difficult exams make it harder to get top exam grades. A bad grade can limit your future opportunities.

  • Check Their Conceptual Understanding

Teachers usually give easy lectures and difficult exams. If this is true for you then the reason may be this. Your understanding of the subject is good but your application is not. I say this because most teachers aim to make students understand the concepts during lectures.

This is why the questions practiced in class are easier. However, once the concept has been understood, teachers would challenge their students with harder questions.

This is the purpose of difficult exams. It is supposed to check whether your understanding and concepts are well formed. If that is the case then you may not find the exams very hard. However, if you do, then there are two possible reasons for that. One is that conceptual understanding is lacking. You have not fully understood the lectures and thus your preparation was not good. Second, the reason can be that you have understood the concepts but struggle with applying these concepts well. In both cases, you may hire ‘do my exam now services. After all, you cannot compromise your grades.

  • Realize Areas Of Weakness And Strengths

Teachers can give difficult exams, tests, and quizzes to identify the weaknesses and strengths of their students. In this manner, the professors can re-plan their classes and teaching techniques. Looking at it in this way can make us understand the purpose of difficult exams.

The exams are used as a tool to analyze the competence of students. Teachers can realize the skill set that students possess and their level of understanding. Using this insight, professors would help students grow academically.

In this case, you may learn and grow in your respective subject. You would also no longer need the ‘do my exam now’ services.

  • Give A Sneak Peek Of Real-World Problems

Another purpose of difficult exams is to give students a sneak peek into real-world problems. These questions can be tough to answer. Students are only at the beginning of their careers. This is why they do not have the relevant exposure to answer such questions. However, teachers view exams as an opportunity to give you this much-needed exposure.

They will present real-world problems that you would have to answer. In doing so you will learn how your subject and concepts can apply in a job setting. These difficult exams will judge your ability to navigate in such scenarios. It may be difficult but such exams will teach you valuable lessons. That is the purpose why so many teachers often make difficult exams.

  • Challenge Students To Be Creative With Concepts

Lastly, the reason why some teachers would intentionally give difficult exams is to challenge students. To get your brain juices flowing. The purpose becomes to give students such questions that would allow them to be creative.

So, teachers do not simply give the same or almost similar questions in exams as in classes. The difficult exams give you an opportunity to explore and experiment. What are the other ways you can apply a concept? What would the result be if I were to change that? You will find yourself asking questions of such nature.

Hence, you should also challenge yourself to be creative when you are preparing for the exams. This is going to help you solidify the concepts. Depending on how you view it, however, it can either be a hassle or a fun activity.

Many students are actually aware of this reason. They use it to their advantage. They would practice and prepare in a similar manner. Ask themselves these tricky questions that help them in exams. These students are usually the toppers of your class.

In short, it means that simply being aware of these reasons can help you achieve a better grade. Hence keep this in mind and you can also achieve top exam grades like the toppers in every class.

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In short, this is the answer to why teachers give hard exam questions. They want to test the potential of their students. Make them realize the areas of weaknesses and strengths that they may possess.  Teachers can also give hard exams when they want to check the students’ understanding and test their concepts. As much as students dislike getting difficult exams, it is a tool that teachers use to challenge their students.

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