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Diablo Immortal: How to Fix Keyboard Not Working

by Nathan Zachary
Diablo Immortal: How to Fix Keyboard Not Working

For all the game enthusiasts out here this article will prove to be useful to you. Read further to know more about it.

NetEase and Blizzard Entertainment created Diablo Immortal, a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online action role-playing video game. The majority of platforms absolutely support this no-cost free game.

All the platforms which Diablo Immortal supports include Android, iOS, and your PC systems. Hence, it was the most awaited game for all gamers. But the more gamers were waiting, the more disappointing it turned out. 

We are aware of how frustrating it may be to install a new game, eager to play it, only to discover that it is broken. If this is the situation for you, you can use the following advice to get Diablo Immortal up and running. 

Many users have complained about the functioning of the keyboard. Keyboards have crashed or stopped working while playing the Diablo immortal game. That is the reason why we are here with this article today.

We made a tutorial with all the troubleshooting methods for how to fix the keyboard not working in Diablo Immortal after the eagerly anticipated Diablo Immortal was released. This will help several people who complained that their keyboard was malfunctioning.

How to Resolve the Malfunctioning of the Keyboard in the Game

There are numerous reasons or causes which can lead to the faulty keyboard while playing the Diablo Immortal game. Understanding your troubled situation, here we have compiled a list of effective and common solutions which you can use to fix this issue.

  • The first solution is restarting the game. It is one straightforward fix. 
  • Shut down the window and remove the launcher fully first. 
  • Now, remove the plug of the connected keyboard and reconnect it.
  • Additionally, restart the keyboard if it’s wireless. 
  • Play the game with the keyboard plugged in.
  • Next, you can check the compatibility. Many times it happens that you may use the keyboard that the game does not support. Hence, results in the malfunction of the device. So, ensure or check whether the game is compatible with the keyboard or controller you’re using. 
  • The game is still in its early phases. They have authorized a list of all the game-supportive keyboard and controller manufacturers. Hence, it will be great if you adapt and use any of the below-given controllers for playing this game in order to avoid errors.
  1. Logitech Gamepad F710.
  2. Xbox Elite Controller 2.
  3. Sony Dualshock 4.
  4. Nintendo Switch Controllers.

You can buy and install any one of these keyboards or controllers of your choice and enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

  • Now there are some cases that are user-dependent i.e., errors vary from user to user. For some users, the keyboard’s other keys work correctly, but the WASD keys stop working. And for some everything or every key stops working.
  • But no worries there is a solution for this too. The best choice of solution is to raise your desktop’s resolution to 2560 x 1440 from the default one.
  • Know the answer and avoid getting into any type of confusion. Contrast this with the game resolution, which is different and won’t change, to avoid confusion.

All these solutions should now solve the problem with your keyboard and it should start functioning.

  • Now next, you can do is to select the Windowed mode for the game.

But as we know that is usually a mobile-supported game, problems or difficulties with ports are common. We hope that the manufacturer- Blizzard will address the port issues as quickly as possible and will enable the gaming smooth and easier.


Diablo Immortal is the most loved and awaited game for the gaming community. But it disappointed the excited gamers as it came along with some difficulties, errors, and bugs. The common bug which many gamers face is with the keyboard. It stops working or shows erratic behavior. So, here in this article, we have enlisted the solutions to this problem. If you are a gamer, read this blog to know more about it.

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